Tuesday, November 20, 2012

catch up...again!!!

OK, I am catching up from the last 2 weeks and the weekends. I have been so busy at work and with life that I have been CRAZY with no time to post...

So...we had some softball games the 5th and 6th. We did well, but that is all in the previous softball post. Thursday the 8th we went to Spirit Night at Tin Roof BBQ. Kendall saw tons of friends and had a BLAST!!
KJ, Heidi, and Annabelle

KJ & Mia

Annabelle singing karaoke

Friday morning was the Veterans Program at PFE. Here is my little Brownie girl scout all ready to go.

Saturday we had our team party and then Mia slept over again. They had soooo much fun. We went to IHOP and to the movies to see Wreck It Ralph! It was such an adorable movie!!!! I laughed so hard!!! The girls liked it too LOL!

Sunday Mia headed home in the afternoon and since Kendall is at her dad's for the rest of the stinking month, we went ahead and put up our tree. We didn't get it decorated until Monday night before girl scouts, but it is such a beautiful little tree decorated with love by me and the bug.

Tuesday night the school put on the 2nd grade PFE Veteran's program again! It was so so cute! They did such a great job! After that we headed over to the daycare for their Thanksgiving feast.
KJ and her AMAZING teacher!

Wednesday was dinner at Mike's with Granny and PawPaw. PawPaw gave KJ $20 for the book fair! She was SO excited that it came from him!! Usually Granny is the one that gives her stuff, but this time it was PawPaw and man that was SPECIAL!!
This picture melts my heart! Look how she is cuddling Lulu and Hercules <3 td="td">

Thursday was her Thanksgiving feast at PFE. It was really cute. I brought her in Subway instead of eating that delicious cafeteria food. We went to the book fair after the lunch and it was so different than last year. She got FOUR CHAPTER BOOKS!!!! That is so crazy that she is big enough to be reading those!!!! She also got a new book mark and 2 posters that she had been wanting.
ready for the feast

I caught her with food in those cheeks :)

Friday I headed north to see my handsome. We had a nice relaxing weekend. Last night KJ wanted me to come over and see her at her dad's house. I did and she wanted to see my new phone so we played with it and took a few pics.

Tonight she gets to come home to my house for the night and then back to dad's until NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! UGH! It is stressing me out big time!

Thanksgiving is in 2 short days. I was invited to spend it in Crawford with R and his family. I am not going to get to see him for Christmas or New Year's so I took them up on the offer!

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and I will catch you on the flip side!!


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