Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nothing much to report...

This has not been an extremely eventful last week. I went out of town this past weekend and we had a great 3 days off with nothing really to do and lots of "US" time. It was really nice. I love just being with R. There is no pressure to be someone I am not and I can just BE. He is an amazing person and I am so glad we are back together.

This week hasn't been too eventful. Monday was girl scouts, Tuesday we just ran a few errands and relaxed in front of the TV. Wednesday KJ was at her dads and I had a rodeo committee men's meeting (more on that momentarily). Tonight we are having dinner with the family! I got great news yesterday that my BABY BOY will be in town for the day and I get to see him!!!!!!!! I am referring to my nephew, Josh. He is 26 and got married in July of 2011. That is the last time I have seen him. He is an amazing man and he and I are so close! We are a lot alike and I just love him to pieces! I am BEYOND excited to see him, even if it is only for one day. KJ doesn't know he is here yet so that will be a surprise at dinner for her tonight!

We have a super busy weekend planned with lots of Christmas festivities included! I can't wait!!!

I will report back with pics on Monday about our super weekend!

Now, for the rodeo committee. I have wanted to be on a committee since I was in high school. I love the rodeo and everything it does for the community! I have always wanted to be a part of it. My ex husband did not agree so it never happened. I met someone on a committee this year and he got me in! THANKS BRIAN!!!! I am so so happy! I have already met a few people and I am just like a big kid at Christmas! I know it isn't a HUGE deal to most, but to me it is! One more thing scratched off the bucket list!!!!!!!!


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