Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Again!

Apparently Wednesdays are the magic day for me to remember to update LOL!

First, let me start off by saying this...I MISS MY MOMMY AND DADDY!!! They have not even been gone a week, but we talk at least every other day if not more and this STINKS! There are so many things I have wanted to tell her and thought about picking up the phone and then remembered "Hey, they are in Europe having the time of their life, they can't talk to you." Something else it has made me realize is that I am going to be LOST without them whenever they are gone.

OK, let me start the week...Thursday was a Pink Sox game. We won!!! We didn't need to win because we had already clinched 1st, but we won just the same!! It was great! Staying on this subject, the end of season tournament started Monday. We played the last place team and LOST!!!! It is a double elimination tournament so that STUNK! We played again last night and won so we are still in it. We play tomorrow night and if we win we play in the championship game on Friday. If not, we are out. I think if they stay focused and play again tomorrow like they played last night we can win both games!!

I don't know what happened from Thursday to Monday, but KJ had two strike-outs on Thursday and was very down. Monday night she hit off the pitcher and smacked it over the short stops head...she did that again and BOTH of her next at bats...SHE ROCKED!! She was SO proud (of course so was Mommy). Last night she did it again at both of her at bats. I don't know what happened, but she is a hitting rock star all of the sudden!!!!!!

Saturday was the company picnic I was telling you about. I was very nervous...It was fun. I kind of sat in the corner the whole time HAHA. Each person got a gift for coming and then all of the employees got a raffle ticket. They called numbers and then you got to go choose your prize from what all was left. At the end there were some prizes left over and they pulled numbers again. He won in that round. For the tickets he ended up with a digital picture frame and some fishing poles and tackle box. Well, they also had 4 bingo games. Guess who won the last one??? ME!!! The prize was an XBOX 360 with Kinect. Oh yeah, I rock I know!!! Well, J (R's son) was outside when we won it so I told him to go hide it in his truck and keep it for Christmas! SUCCESS!! J was never the wiser!!!! Just call me SANTA CLAUS!!! :)

Today is KJ's parent/teacher conference! I am so excited! She is such a smart girl and I can't wait to see how well she is doing!!!! Her conduct this year has been great and she has gotten 100's on EVERY spelling test!!!

Hopefully the rest of my week is filled with softball. I want them to win this thing SO BAD!!! they have all played so hard!

Saturday is zoo boo with several of my favorite people in which I have not seen in a LONG LONG LONG time and I miss them terribly. We are invited to a Halloween party Sat night as well. Not sure if we will make it. I will play it by ear. and just hanging out with my ladybug. We have no plans!!

I looked at my calendar for next week and am already stressed LOL. Halloween, team party, dr.s appts...UGH!!!! I just want to SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!! I think after next week that will actually happen!!! Hopefully...maybe....we will see LOL!!

I usually close with HERE COMES THE SUN...I realized today that the sun has come and things are great so I need a new closing. It used to be LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED (both Beattle's song titles (my fav band ever))...I realized that while love is important, you definitely need more than that...SO, my new closing will be...MY BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD OF ME (Danny Gokey).


My Best Days Are Ahead of Me!!!

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