Friday, October 14, 2011


Soooo, here is what went down at last night's game...

We were the home team so we fielded first...KJ played shortstop. The other team scored 2 runs and we got 3 outs. We were now up to bat. KJ was 2nd in the lineup. She struck out...she was MAD. The same thing happened last night that had happened on Tuesday. She was measuring and got too close and knocked the ball off...we talked about it and I told her how to fix it and that on her next at bat I would remind her. Regardless we scored our 5 runs and went back out to the field...

2nd inning...KJ is on 3rd. She stopped a ball and got it back to the pitcher quick...We got our 3 outs and the other team did not score a run that time. Back up to bat...when it came back to KJ and she was on deck we talked about measuring and how she doesn't need to get her bat right up on the ball. She SMACKED it off the tee and it went over the pitchers head and almost to the grass!!! She then scored and we got our 5 runs and went to field...

3rd inning...I look up to see KJ standing in the pitchers circle...I was a bit confused. She knows the job of the pitcher, but has never played it or even practiced it. Let me tell you, that was the MOST STRESSFUL HALF AN INNING OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know that I even took a breath...(well clearly I had to have because I would have died and I didn't but you get the point).
you know what happened...SHE. ROCKED. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO impressed with how well she did. She focused, she stopped the balls. She even dove/slid on the ground when one got a little past her. She def has pitcher potential. We ended up with 2 outs and they scored their 5 runs. Since we were home team and the score was 10-8 in favor of us we did not have to bat again. The girls were so excited!

Our record is 5-2-1. I think that is great! We have 2 games to go! I really hope we stay in first place. The girls would LOVE IT! I am not sure if we have any closing festivities or trophies like the spring, but I hope so because they deserve it! They have played HARD!

On another note, being tall is awesome, most of the time. I am the tallest girl in my family and the ex is the tallest male in his so of course, ladybug is going to be tall. I have always believed that KJ will be taller than me. She is only 6 and already 4' tall. She told me last night that she is the 2nd tallest student in her class and the tallest girl. Only 1 boy is taller. YIKES! I thought she would take until at least high school to pass me but now I am not so sure. The only thing I worry about is her finding boys taller than her. I mean look, she is already taller than all but ONE...I had that problem...I am 5'8" and have ridiculously long legs. I refused to date anyone shorter than me so that narrowed down the choices...I ended up with a giant and I produced a giant. Now that I am back in the dating world, I have found someone that is taller than me. Not my much, but he is. It was funny. He thought that we were the same height and I kept telling him that I was indeed shorter. Well the other night we were standing face to face and he realized..."Hey, I am taller than you." Um yeah, I know lol. So, I have this giant child who I worry will be 6' tall when she is done growing...the population of boys 6' and over is SLIM...I don't want her to worry about her height! I want her to embrace it! We are working on that now and I keep telling her how AWESOME it is to be tall.

This weekend brings lots of fun. Kendall is going to Granny's tonight (they leave for Europe next Sat and need some loving time with the girl). I am going to dinner with some friends. Tomorrow we are going to an old friend's house for her daughter's bday. It is back in Pearland so we will be staying the night. I think Sunday is going to be all things Halloween! We are going to make Halloween cookies and paint the pumpkin from Dewberry!

Everyone have a great weekend!!! I have jury duty Monday morning at 8am downtown...I will update upon the completion of that task....


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