Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Before I get to the weekend and all the fun we had, let me just say...the Pink Sox clenched 1st place in their age group last night!!!!! We played the 2nd place team and won by ONE RUN! It was awesome! Kendall got 2 great hits and was very proud that they won and very happy they were in 1st place. There is still one game tomorrow night but win or lose, it doesn't effect us! Next week is the end of season tournament so I hope they play just as hard!!

Friday night Kendall went to spend the night with my parents. They are leaving town for a few weeks on Saturday so she needed some snuggle time with them. I went to Wazabi with friends and then to Stetsons. I danced and danced. I LOVE to dance! It was great. There was a band there instead of a dj. It was Jason Cassidy. I had heard of him but not seen him. He ROCKED!!! I def want to see him again!!!

Sat I got up and ran a few errands. I went to get Kendall and then we headed to Pearland. My home town. I have lived away from there almost as many years as I had lived there but it will always be home. MAN is it is nuts! We went to the bday party of a friends little girl. I have not seen this friend in 19 years...unbelievable. Larissa was a senior when I was a sophomore but we were in band and color guard together. When you are in band, everyone is essentially the same age/grade whatever. We were good friends back in the day and it was so nice to reconnect with her. Her kids and Kendall got along GREAT! We stayed the night out there and then came home on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was very relaxed. I had jury duty Mon morning so I had to get up super early. Normally K goes to her dad's on Monday's of his week but because I had to get up super early I had to take her over there Sunday night. I missed her...A LOT.

Monday was jury duty. I didn't even get picked to go to a courtroom and was dismissed about noon. I just went into the office. Monday night was cheer.

Yesterday was a SUCKY day all around. I was tired and stressed and work was driving me crazy. We had the game last night. It ROCKED!!!! Man it was a tough game and the other team made us work for it. I have two friends on that team and that makes it hard too. You want their kids to do well but you want yours to win...

Today I had the appt. with the rheumatologist. He took more blood and did a physical exam. I go back in 2 weeks. I am ready for them to just figure out what is wrong with me and stop feeling like crap. I go back on 11/02. He thinks it is either fibromyalgia, lupus, or this point I don't care WHAT it is...just FIX IT!!!

Tonight my mommy is taking K and I to dinner. I only see her tonight and at the game tomorrow before they leave for Europe....they don't come home until NOVEMBER 12!! I am not ok with this. I know I am a grown woman and 35 but I have never had my mommy out of picket for this long before. I am a little stressed LOL!

Heading to a company picnic on Sat for my handsome man. I am a tad nervous about meeting all his co-workers/friends...It is a little intimidating. I love spending time with him but this is stressing me out HAHA!!

Well, more updates to come on the Pink Sox and whatever happens with me and the doctor.


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