Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

Well, the Pink Sox WON the game Thursday night!! We slaughtered the Sluggers. We won 15-6 but should have been 10-3. The game started late because of some rain. We won the coin toss and i told the coach to pick visitors. For some reason the girls have more confidence when they get points on the board first. I see their point, I don't think they get the concept of being home team yet. Well, after 2 at bats, the sky opened up and gave us some more rain. We paused the game and when it cleared up we went back on the field. After 2 innings and 2 AMAZING hits by my ladybug, the score was 10-3. The game SHOULD have ended, but the other team wanted to play it out. So, into the 3rd inning we went. The score was not 15-3. When we went back to field, KJ got to play pitcher again! She was so so excited. The first ball that was hit went right to her. She scoopped it up and made the throw to 1st. SHE MADE THE OUT!!!!!! She didn't know it until later though because they let the girl stay on base since there was no chance they could win (I was not happy with this idea especially since the girl scored and they got to count a run that should have never coutned...). She played well at pitcher. At the end of the game we watched the other team get their tournament medals. Then it was time for game balls! GUESS WHO GOT A GAME BALL!! You guessed it! MY BABY!!!!! The coach told her how awesome she had been hitting and how well she had played pitcher and that she had improved so much overall during the season. It was a very proud Mommy moment!!!!

We were supposed to play Friday night but evidently it rained super hard Thursday night after the game so we were rained out and we are rescheduled for tonight at 6. So, Friday night we went home, got pizza and both fell asleep on the couch by 10pm. We had a big day ahead of us on Saturday so that was good.

Also on Friday, they had the book character parade at school. My fav book character from when I was a child was Pippi Longstocking. A month or so ago I brought it up to her and she was excited to be her!

Saturday morning we got up and had some breakfast and then got ready for the Zoo Boo with friends. On the way I heard from one set and they had to cancel. It was sad. But, KJ's BFF that moved over the summer was still coming so we were excited! We had a great time at the zoo and the girls REALLY loved on each other a lot. We had to park far away because it was so packed, but on the way back to the car I told her about me rolling down the hill at Miller Outdoor Theatre as a kid. She so badly wanted to try it...she was not super successful but she had fun doing it...

As we got to the car we heard from our other friends that we were supposed to meet at the zoo and they wanted to go to dinner. They came to our house and then we went to Italianos (our personal FAV). After that the girls wanted ice cream so we headed to Cold Stone and then we needed to warm up so we went to Starbucks! Kendall was excited to get a hot chocolate in a cup like Mommy :)

It was a super fun day! Sunday was very very lazy. Kendall watched Grease for the 1st time and then we went to look for some new tennis shoes for me. We went to the park later in the day and just came home and relaxed and did homework.

Then...there was last night!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween but I rarely dress up. We had a costume contest at the office, but I didn't participate. I just can never think of anything cool to be. So, I just wore a pumpkin shirt and lauched at everyone else! I got Kendall from daycare and we went home. We did homework and ate dinner and then got her ready to go trick-or-treating. She was a zombie cheerleader and I must admit that I did an AMAZING job :) I didn't make the costume, but I put it all together and did her face and hair! She LOVED it and so did everyone who saw her. It is so funny because she is SO beyond little kid costumes. She LOVED being spooky. I love that she loves Halloween too! We went trick-or-treating with some friends. I have been friends with them since 2003 - long before KJ was in the picture and when their now 5th grader was only 1. Time FLIES!!! The girls LOVE each other. It was a tad awkward becuase I kind of stopped being friends with them back in 2008. It wasn't my choice, it just happened. Well, last spring my ex and this couple started becoming friends again because they always saw each other at the fields...well, he is friends with them again...I am not really. It wasn't TOO bad, just different...when we got to the ex's house, he had a flat. we had to wait for him to fix that. After that we were on our way...Here is my spooky girl!!!

Tonight is the CHAMPIONSHIP game!!!!!! I really think we can win!!!!! I will update tomorrow! Hope everyone had a super fin Halloween!!! I know I did! Now on to Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Remember...My best days are ahead of me!!

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