Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time gets away...

Wow...It has been almost 2 weeks since I posted...I am trying to do better, but alas...time gets away!!!

I cna't believe it is OCTOBER! I love this month. It is the start of fall and the holidays and the part of the year I love the most. FALL FALL FALL I love it! Pumpkins and scarecrows and Halloween! I love it all...after that we have Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!! Plus I get to break out sweaters and hoodies and cute coats :) I just can't say enough about FALL!

The Pink Sox are 4-1. KJ is still batting 1.000 which I am SO proud of. Saturday she got the GAME BALL!!!!!!!! She made an amazing out at 3rd (her 1st ever out) to end the inning and then in the next inning she drove in the game winning run! She is doing SO much better! She is really starting to LEARN the game and not just stand out there :) LOL! I still don't like the coaches. They are rude to the parents and they make bad decisions. They give NO fielding direction and it is stressful!!!!!!! I am so thankful there are only 5 games left and I can guarantee she will NOT be on this team again...

Saturday after the game we went to Dewberry Farm. This is our 4th year in a row to go. We have always gone with someone but this year we decided to just go spend some quality time together and go on our own. It was great! We had such a great day. We had no schedule and no time we needed to be anywhere else. The weather was great. She got to do it ALL! It was the perfect day!

Sunday was my sister's b-day so we went over to her house and spent some quality time with the family. She caught a lizard and got a box from Lissa and kept it for a pet. Monday night when she went to her dad's house, I let him go. He was looking a little sick. I am sure tongiht when she comes home she is NOT going to be pleased...hopefully her compassionate side will come out...

I have her tonight and tomorrow she goes back to dad's until Monday. I am going to see my sweet handsome man this weekend. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks and even then it was a short time because we only had one day together (both of our kid's had stuff on Saturday morning so I couldn't go up on Friday). I am excited! I miss him! We have so much fun together! It is so nice to be with someone that has NO DRAMA! We get along perfect and we both enjoy the same things.

Nothing amazing coming up in the near future...just life.

Oh, KJ had gotten all 100's on her spelling tests so far for the year! This makes me one happy girl!!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather we are having and enjoying FALL!!!!!!

Here comes the sun!!!!

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