Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink Sox

OK, it is a little later than planned, but here goes...

The Pink Sox kicked bootie!! They won 12-6!! My girly got 2 great hits off the tee (she didn't hit off the coach because he SUCKS at pitching) and she got on base both times!!!! She also scored 1 run and then got left on 3rd for her 2nd at bat. She had an awesome time...until the coach put her in left field, both innings...she was staying softball ready and was charging like she is supposed to but you could tell she was really bored. That made momma sad. I don't want to be THAT mom so I just told her what a great job she did and that maybe next game she could play infield. That made her happy.

So you know I dislike the coach and we have had some disagreements on how he is teaching them (wrong throwing form and teaching all of them to have the same batting stance). WELLLLL, at the end of the game he gave me a handout..."The Seven DEADLY misconceptions in hitting" and told me to take a look at it and let him know my thoughts...but make sure I return it because it is copyrighted material that they had purchased so I couldn't keep it!

Here are my thoughts....take this paper and shove it up your......ok wait, that was my initial thought but that is not what I can say to thoughts to the AMAZING and ALL KNOWING coach Keith and Ken will be this...
1. They are 6. They are just learning the game. I think that you are trying to teach them too much.
2. This handout is for boys. Just like the video you sent out last week.
3. If I hear you say BASEBALL ready to these girls one more time I might kick you.
4. THEY ARE SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He mentioned in this totally ridiculous email that if we had an idea on other ways to teach the girls then that is fine, but we needed to make sure that it was scientifically proven...ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about this...I played the game for about 10 years and I coached last season. My girls didn't win every game, but they all improved on their game. Also, there is myself and another head coach from last season plus an assistant coach from last season as parents on the team. BUT, we are just parent helpers since the coach's dad and brother are the official assistant coaches....WHATEVER....I digress...

The fact is that the girls won and I was super proud of my own Pink Sock.....??? lol

We had girl scouts last night and we completed our petals!! Yay! Next meeting is on to the new journey books we got! I can't wait!!

Tomorrow is game #2 and pictures for the Pink Sox...I hope KJ (that is bug's softball nickname) and her teammates do awesome again!!!!

GO PINK SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the sun!

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