Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh swollen gland in my throat how I loathe ye

I am not happy. I very sensitive glands in my throat and today the one on my right is hurting and I don't like it. It is making me cranky and I don't feel good either. Plus, Kendall is still coughing and has a runny/stuffy nose and Chris is coughing his head off.

Yesterday I took bug to go register for Kindergarten! Like the luck that I always have, they had my appt. time wrong. They were saying it was for today. They let me do it anyway, but I don't think they liked it. We pulled up to the school and she asked if it was Daddy's school. I told her it was a school, but not Daddy's. She asked me then "Is it my kindergarten?" When I said yes she got sooo excited! I went in and filled out the three required forms and gave them a copy of the rest of the paperwork. The made copies and checked the shot record. We were good to go! I didn't even cry!! It was AMAZING! I was just all smiles and I think because she was so excited. She told a lady in the hall how she was going to go there for kinder and the lady was so nice. From where we were you could see the cafeteria and she thought that was so cool.

Also, last night Chris finished his last thing for UH. He took his last test!!! Now all he has do do is wait for grades! I am so proud of him for finishing!!!! It was great! He was not as excited as I thought but that is ok - I am proud of him enough for both of us :)

I also got a call for an interview! I am not telling anyone yet because in case I don't get it I don't want 1000 questions. I know I don't have to worry about posting it here because I don't think anyone reads this anyway except for one person who will pray so hard for me :0)

Other than that, just trying to get through the last remaining things that are left for the ACP program - there is a lot to do in a week and a half UGH!!!!

Have a great week and remember, Love is all you need :)


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