Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Ramblings

HEY!! It is Friday!! Yay! I am so happy for that! Things have been going well for me these past few days and that makes me happy. Everything that could be a proposed problem is working out to not be a problem at all.

So, me and a good friend have decided that we are going to do something that is a HUGE adventure/challenge. We are going to train to run a 1/2 marahon. We are only doing the half this year and next year we will do the full. We start training in July. We train for 28 weeks and then run the race the last weekend in January. I have told a few people about it but not too many because what if I fail?? Then I will get a hundred questions. I am not planning on failing and I am SUPER excited! I have always wanted to do this and a tri-athalon so here I go. I have at least one friend running with me and most likely a second one :) That will help keep me motivated. We meet every Sat morning and run together and then during the week we run for assigned times on our own. I have already looked at this awesome heart rate monitor/calorie counter by Garmin and I can't wait to order it!!!

School is almost done. Chris has one test left for UH and he is DONE! A college graduate. I am so pround of him and I am so proud of us both. We can set a good example for Kendall now. I feel so accomplished as a family. In our teaching cert classes, we just have two weeks left and a few mini assignments. In the Special Pops class we are taking we have a TON left to do in two weeks, but it is because we are procrastinators. We have to do three movie reviews each (2 pages long for each one), a small 3-5 page research paper each, a few discussions, and summaries of our internal hours. We will do this all this weekend. I know boring! All that is left after that is to summarize all our observations and get them turned in to the teaching office and we are done!! I can't wait!!!

Then all we need are JOBS!!!!!! Please continue to pray for us that we get teaching jobs for the fall. All I have ever wanted in my life, aside from being a super mom and wife, is ti teach. I love children and teaching is such an honorable proffesion. I want to teach right now more than anything on earth (besides health and happiness for my family and friends). SO, please keep us in your prayers that it happens for us.

We go register Kendall for Kindergarten on Monday!! I am going to cry FOR SURE! I know, it is just registration, but man that is a HUGE step in my baby's life. The next week is her spring dance recital on Wednesday and her pre-K graduation on Thursday! More tears!!! The next weekend is her b-day party and the 24th she will be 5 already! Does not seem possible at all. Time flies!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I will!!!! Talk soon!!!

<3 Niki - Love is all you need!!!!

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