Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday weekend

More like WEEK! Kendall's celebration started last night and will go through WEDNESDAY! Really!! I know I know, it is my own fault, and I LOVE it! I love the look on her face at how special she feels!!!

Last night we went to eat with our great friends Andi, Gus, and Ashley so Kendall and Gus could exchange gifts since we had to miss his party. Today was a pre-K field trip to Chuck E Cheese. When they get back, Liana is taking a cookie cake and cookies to the school for us. It is to celebrate the three girls that have a birthday on Monday, Kendall, Kayli, and Mia. She is such a good friend!! I can't wait to see pics!! Tomorrow id Kendall's party and we are meeting Chris' dad in the evening. Sunday is Kayli's party and we are meeting my parents that evening. Monday is the BIG DAY!!! I will have a 5 year old!!!!! I just can't believe it! Monday she will be home with Daddy. She has a dentist appt. at 10 and then she has a well check-up at 2. In the middle they will come to see me and we will go have lunch. I can't wait!! Monday night we will give her our gifts and do whatever she wants!! Tuesday Liana and I are taking the girls to the Taylor Swift concert! SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Neither girl knows about this and they won't find out until Monday night!!!!! I can't wait!!!! AND on Wednesday the Ieva's want to go out to eat so they can give K her presents. This is only happening because she is having an all girl party.

Her party is at Bella Beads and all the girls get to make a necklace. Kendall gets a bunch of balloons, her name on the marquee, a gift from them, and a bear from them. They said we can open presents there and then we get to go to Cici's for pizza and cake!! I am so so excited! It is her first big girl party!!!!

I will post Monday!! I will def be too busy this weekend!!! I hope you all have a great weekend and REMEMBER: Love is all you need!!!

:) Niki

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