Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost time!!!

So much has happened this week!!!

Mother's Day went great! I woke up and was treated to breakfast and coffee in bed and cards and presents. I got a home made card from Kendall and a store bought one from Daddy and Kendall - I got my new running shoes that I wanted for my marathon training (YAY) and I got beautiful flowers (tulips and stargazer lilies). It was such a good lazy morning! Kendall also filled out a form at school that asked stuff about your mom and one question was what does your mom smell like? Her answer was cupcakes!! It was so sweet. It totally melted my heart. We got ready and my mom picked us up and we went to see Little House on the Prairie at the Hobby Center. It was fun! Kendall loved it. We came back to Atascocita and met up with the boys at Christopher's for some delicious dinner and then we went back home and did nothing! I had a nice lazy Mother's Day!! It has to be my fav day of the year aside from K's b-day!!

Wednesday was my last day of school! Also, Kendall had her dance recital. It was cute. They did an 80's theme, but she got so freaked out she did not do one dance move in either song. I was so sad for her :( That evening I had my last class and I got my cert showing I completed my PPR class. I don't really feel like a teacher yet. I won't be certified until after my first year anyway so until I get a job nothing is official right?? But, it feels great to be done. I have to do my final for special populations and my field service packet and I am DONE DONE DONE!!!! YAHOOOOO!!

Tonight is Kendall's pre-k graduation! I know I am going to cry :) I can't help it! I am a sucker for these things. I hope and pray that she does not have another stage fright incident and not be able to say her lines! She has two individual speaking parts so we will see!!

I will try and post the outcome of tonight's events tomorrow along with a pic. She got a new dress and new flip flops :)

Remember Love is all you need!!!

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