Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still waiting...

So...a few months ago I went for a physical. My blood work came back elevated in one section. This section led my GP to believe I needed to see a rheumatologist because it suggested I could have Lupus. I had NO idea what this disease actually WAS, but I had heard of it before. I panicked. I read the internet (don't ever do that, it just freaks you out more), I talked to people (turns out one of my BFF's sister has it) and I saw the specialist. It was a rough time. I saw the dr. and he wanted to do more blood work and a lupus panel. So, I gave more blood and then had to wait TWO weeks to get the results. The lupus panel was inconclusive but he said that could sometimes happen. The ANA section was still WAY through the roof and I filled out a symptom sheet and between those 2 he believed that I had lupus. So, he prescribed meds for 3 months and a return visit. He told me it would take a good 6 weeks for the meds to get in my system and he wanted to give it another 6 to let them work before seeing me again.
WEELLLL, yesterday was the 3 month check-up. He asked me how the meds were working and I was honest and I said I didn't really think they were. We talked about all the things that were bothering me before. Sore joints, dry mouth, dry eyes, EXTREME tiredness, night sweats, and hair loss. I thought about it and realized that my eyes were still dry but not AS dry, my dry mouth had gotten better and while I am still losing hair, I am losing less and I do see a little regrowth. BUT, I am still tired all the time, in pain a lot and have crazy night sweats even when sleeping in a super cold house.
He told me that the three things that were getting better were actually three of the sicker symptoms and since they were getting slightly better then he thought the meds were working but needed a boost or more time. He prescribed prednizone (a steroid) to take in addition with the meds I already take daily. I take 10mg for 3 weeks and then 5mg for 3 more weeks. I go back to see him in 3 months. Here are the three scenarios he laid out for me that he think will happen and we will reasses which one and where we need to go in May...
A) I will take the prednizone for 6 weeks and feel better and the next 6 weeks I still feel good. In this case he will know that we are for sure dealing with an auto-immune disease and my regular meds are working good and they just needed a kick start.
B) I will take the prednizone for 6 weeks and feel better and then the 2nd 6 weeks I start feeling bad again. In this case, he will know that we are still dealing with an auto-immune disease and my regular meds need to be changed or I need to take an additional drug with them.
C) I will take the prednizone for 6 weeks and it will do nothing and I will still feel like crap. If this happens, then he thinks it is not auto-immune and is probably fibromyalgia. That is fine, it is just a different course we have to take.
I know one thing, I am just ready to feel BETTER!!!!! I can go to bed at 10 and get up at 10 the next morning and still be SO tired. My fingers and wrists hurt all the time and my lower back, neck, and knees hurt a lot too. Sooo, today I start taking all this other medicine and hope **FINGERS CROSSED** that they work. If not, then I guess in May I start some other drugs and have to see how those do. Like I said, at this point, I don't care what i have, I just want to feel better.
ANYWHO.....Kendall got her school pictures back yesterday for spring! Um can you say GROWN!!
I was going to make a bandanna skirt for GO Texan day tomorrow for my bug to wear but I had a sewing machine fiasco...I got a refurbished antique one for Christmas from my mom and it clearly did not get refurbished because the plug and cord came apart last night...sooo Granny was supposed to make the skirt last night and get it to KJ today (as Granny os volunteering at KJ's school 3 days a week). I have not heard if the task was a success. I am glad she will have the skirt, but sad I couldn't make it. There are some machines that are pretty decently prices at Walmart that I may end up just buying. I need an instruction manual LOL!! I will post a pic of my rodeo girl tomorrow!
Have a GREAT Thursday!!

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