Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So, I took my baby girl to the rodeo last night. An awesome co-worker got me some tickets. I have another set, but it is on a night that I don't have her so I was able to get these. It worked out awesome because it was opening night AND featured one of my all time fav bands...ALABAMA.
Granny brought KJ to my office about 4pm so I wouldn't have to back track to get her. She came in and smiled that smile and wrote sweet notes for her friends here. We left out of here about 4:45 and were on our way to the park and ride. I don't love driving down there and fighting the traffic so we took the easy way out!!
We got to the rodeo right about 6. When we got there we went to this farm maze thing. It was cute. You got to feed some fake chickens, milk a fake cow, plant a fake seed, and some other stuff. They gave you something at every station and then at the end you sold your goods to the farmer's market and they paid you a pretend dollar. You could then buy something in their general store. They had rice crispy treats, chips, crackers, and capri suns. She got chips and I got her a capri sun. At one point, there was a corn station. There was a sandbox and it was filled with kernels of corn. She decided to lay down in it and make a "corn angel". Yep you guessed it, just like a snow angel but in corn....she is weird and I love that!!
Evidently during the time we were in the maze, we were filmed by channel 2 news and were on the 6pm news!! I thought that was super cool even though we didn't get to see it!
Next we hit the petting zoo. Here she saw an amazing sparkly pink cowboy hat. Which she had been dying for one in the past two weeks or so. It was there in front of her with a light shining down from Heaven...she was SO EXCITED and BEGGED to have it. I told her that we could mmaayybbeee get it after the petting zoo. OMG the petting zoo was awesome. We both love love love animals so we were in animal heaven. We got two things of food and it took her FOREVER to get rid of it all. I have SO SO many pics of this, but here are just a few...
This deer kept eating my clothes...
She found the sheep and was super happy!!!
these two little babies were ramming each other - it was HILARIOUS!
this baby lamb was only ONE DAY old!!! I so wanted to take it home...
After the petting zoo we got the hat...yes, I am a sucker! But I was raised a country girl so how can I squash her dreams of being one too??? I also let her go on the pony ride...she loves horses more than life itself so I that is one thing I will NEVER deny...
Here she is on Bullseye...I asked her what she was doing with her hand on her hat and she said that is how cowgirls say "Howdy" I about died. Did I mention this girl CRACKS me up on a daily basis!!
Here she is posing in front of the cute cut out horse.
After the ponies, I looked at the time and I realized that the rodeo was starting. I was sad because I really wanted her to see the grand entry...but we didn't make it. We were inside the stadium and waiting on the elevator to go up to our level (Club level section 307), she saw calf roping on the monitor. In her not so inside voice she bellowed..."WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THAT COW???" A couple of committee men were standing there with us and they busted out laughing. I asked her what she meant and she said they were being mean and ATTACKING that cow. She was SO MAD. I tell you, a laugh a minute. She was not laughing. She was indeed very serious! She told me she DID NOT like that part of the rodeo. We got to our seats soon after and she did get to see team roping, steer wrestling, bareback riding, bull riding, chuckwagon races, saddle bronc riding, barrel racing and mutton bustin (which she is now convinced she wants to do but is too big by about 7 lbs).
Here she is in her hat with the arena as her background...
Then it was time for THE CONCERT!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I love Alabama! I was so excited! They did me proud and started off the concert with "You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band" which is my all time fav song of they are!
Here we are :) I love self portraits - it was a little dark and somehow by this point I inherited the coveted pink hat....After the concert we made our way back to the shuttle bus. I mad her lay her head down in my lap and here is what we had 5 minutes down the road...

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