Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Post :)

We had a great Christmas! I am having a hard time believing that it was K's SIXTH already!!! I can't believe she is growing so fast. My brother came into town for Christmas this year and on the 23rd we had a huge family dinner. It was very nice!! I really enjoy when all of us are together! It was Jose's in Dayton. It was nothing fancy but pretty yummy!

On Christmas eve we did a bunch of nothing. Kendall and I baked alllll day! We made pumpkin bread and cinnamon streussel muffins for breakfast. We made snickerdoodles for Mrs. Claus - this is what she prefers - she told us so (more on that later) and we made yummy delicious Mommy's famous chocolate chip cookies for Santa. I can't tell you the secret, but they are the best in the WORLD :). Then we watched some Christmas movies. She chose "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" and "Santa Buddies". Two things to note. I have a book that I love called "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas". The movies was NOT the same. It was a little lame. The head elf got confused and sent Santa out on 12/23 instead and a crazy debacle ensued! Also, "Santa Buddies" is a the sequel to "Santa Paws" even though Buddies came out before Paws... Evidently K knew about this!!! It was a shock to me :)

We got up and went to see what Santa brought us! Santa filled Daddy and my stocking and he brought K a giant unicorn pillow pet, a walking puppy, Just Dance 2, and a crib for her favorite baby, Alexa (named for her BFF's little sister). Her stocking was all full of fun stuff!! Around 12:30 we arrived at Granny's and had Christmas there. We got lots of goodies there too!!! We had steaks and baked potatoes and relaxed. It was nice for K and my brother to get to know each other better. She really loves him!!

We came home and relaxed and played toys and later went and got some food from Jack-in-the-Box. Yesterday we did more nothing. We cleaned and played and had so much fun. It was so nice to let her play. About 8pm I checked K's tooth that has been loose! It was SOOOO loose. A few days before Christmas we were playing and she grabbed my fist and kind of punched herself with it. It really knocked it! Last night it was so wiggly. Her and I went into the bathroom and we wiggled it and jiggled it. She was very stressed. There were tears and snot and deep breaths. It was very dramatic. She was so brave! At this point it was hanging on by a thread!!! Finally I said, "You have one minute to decide who is going to pull it, you are me?" I started timing her - she was so cute - she was saying "mommy, me, mommy, me" after about 25 seconds, she asked if her time was up. I told her she had about 30 seconds left and she said "OK mom, you pull it." We had Daddy come in the bathroom to come hold her hand. He was letting her lean on him and she had Lulu in the other hand. She was trying SO hard. For a few minutes she would not hold her head still. Finally I had her put her forehead on Daddy's shoulder and turn her head to me. He held her tight so she would not move too much. I got a hold of it and popped it right out! I said "It's OUT!" and she looked at me with this shocked look and said "It's out??" We cheered and clapped and took pics and called Granny! It was SO fun and cute and a little heartbreaking! I can't believe how stinking cute she it with that little hole in her face :) We had promised her is she got it out we would take the puppies for a ride and go get her a shake. We finally got on our way after all the tooth whoopla and getting ready for the tooth fairy! She chose a blue slushie from Sonic! She drank MAYBE three sips! But, she got her prize!

The thing aside from getting $5 from the Tooth Fairy that she is most excited about is getting back to school and telling Mrs. McIntosh about her tooth and getting to write her name on the tooth on the wall!!!! In her classroom there is a tooth that you get to write your name on if you lose your tooth in that month. She has another one right behind it so she might have a December and a January tooth!

Today we were supposed to go to the zoo with Jayme, Ryan, and Saira, but it was really cold today and the kids all had runny noses so we postponed until Thursday!! Today we got out and went to Lonestar Scrapbook - they are going out of business and were having a 70% off sale! I spent $28.50 (that means I saved $66.50 - YAY!). We went shopping for Daddy to spend some clothes money he got for Christmas. We only thought he had a $100 gift card and when we paid we found out it was really $150! SCORE. On the way home we took K to Wal-Mart (her choice) to spend her Christmas/tooth-fairy/allowance $$$. She had $83 accumulated!! She got a small Rapunzel tower, a pack of Rapunzel people, a teacup pig, a Tinkerbell fairy tree, and some fairy friends!! She was very proud of her purchases!

We took her to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and she loved it! The girl put away some food! She loved that she could go back for more and since she is a salad junkie it was right up her alley!!

Tomorrow we are going to Hobby Lobby (for MOMMY) and to take K to see Tangled! Can't wait. I posted on FB earlier that my house is a mess and it is stressing me but I am trying really hard to let it go and to let her enjoy being 5 and being on Christmas vacation. I am not thankful I don't have a job for January, but I am thankful that I have had this awesome Christmas vacation with her! She is having a BLAST!! Only 7 more vacation days :( We are going to make sure we have FUN!!!

Here comes the sun!!!!!


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  1. Awwww, yay for K for losing her tooth!!!!! My K got a LOT of the exact same toys - thank goodness. hahaha. Even down to the pillow pet. :)

    Glad you guys had such a great and relaxing Christmas! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. :)