Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crazy crazy days!!

I lead a very chaotic life. It doesn't seem so to many people from the outside. I **seem** to have it all together but...HAHAHAH...that is hilarious! I am a house is a wreck and I feel I am doing everything LAST MINUTE! I hate that feeling, but I just can't change....I WANT to...but alas, I don't think it will happen....

Last Monday we had a Daisy meeting. Our LAST daisy meeting...this Monday coming up our girls will be bridging to Brownies! It is a big deal and I have been planning a big ceremony. The girls (at least mine) seem excited. Here is a pic of my girl on her last day of being a Daisy...

On Tuesday and Thursday we had softball practice. KJ is getting better each time. She isn't GREAT, but she has fun and that is all that matters!!! The scary thing this year is that they only get 5 pitches from the coach and if they don't hit it, they are out. That is the joy of 8u....I am a little nervous of that for is a cute pic of her at practice on Thursday...
My license plates FINALLY came in....they are the new style...pretty cool if you ask me!!

Friday night we had dinner with my parents and then came home and just snuggled the night away! Saturday it rained all day which was good because practice was cancelled and we needed to clean for our SLEEPOVER! KJ was having a friend over for a sleepover and both girls were PUMPED! They had a good time (I think) and they got along SO WELL! Not one fight! It was a great night!


this is what happens to a boy dog at a girl sleepover

Sunday after M went home, KJ and I had BIG plans. We were going to the Hobby Center to see Beauty & the Beast (thanks to Granny). We had SO much fun and my baby looked absolutely gorgeous!!!!
my baby and I at Beauty & the Beast

Here are just a couple pics from the week that made me smile :)
I LOVE when I get her laughing this hard!

HOLY SMOKES! The pickle is bigger than my Coke can!

KJ got to bring home the Estimation Jar this week at school!!


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