Friday, October 5, 2012

Positivity fades

This has been a rough week for me all around...I am normally a very upbeat and positive person. I try to always have a smile on my face and see the good in everything, but this week, I have really failed at that!

Monday my mom had an appt. at her cancer dr. that I went to with her. We had a scare and we are still pending some results that we will get Monday, but so far the dr. thinks it was a false scare and she is in the clear and just has a little bone thinning. I ended up working late and then had to run a billion errands...I got home and had to run. I needed to get the negativity of the day out of my system.

Tuesday night we had practice for KJ and I collected the candy $$ from all the parents but one. This person decided that even though I told her I was collecting Tuesday and had to turn in to the board Thursday that she would go ahead and give it to me Thursday since she was on the board and would be there anyway....sure people, disregard everything I ask and do what you want. This is also the ONLY parent that had a conflict with the snack/scorekeeper/dugout schedule....UGH!!! I got home and realized that I was having a lot of discomfort in the right side of my face. It was feeling a tad like Bells Palsy (I only know this because I have had it before). BUT, there was some pain this time which I didn't have before...I was worried but went to bed anyway.

Well, I slept like CRAP! I had so much ear pain and jaw pain all night long. I almost did not make it to work on Wednesday, but I figured I could sit at my desk in pain or lay in bed in pain. I went to work, but it kept getting worse. I had roving pain, numbness, tingling, itchiness and sensitivity all over the right side of my face. Someone mentioned shingles so that freaked me out. I went to the urgent care clinic and the dr. said it was probably TMJ causing Bells Palsy but he hoped we had caught it early...He gave me an antibiotic, a huge pack of steroids and some pain meds. I did not really feel better all day. I went back to work that afternoon. I had KJ that night and we went to eat with my parents. It was a nice time I just felt like poop. We came home, did homework, and went to bed. I started hurting and then had a rough night sleeping from pain and it was HOT. I went and turned the air down and realized Thursday morning that the house had not gotten any cooler. I turned it up hoping it was just a fluke and went to work determined it would work last night when I got home.

Thursday was a better day pain wise. We had practice last night again and I had to get jerseys and turn in candy $$ and get the stuff back to practice for parents so we could be ready for our 2 Saturday games. I left on time and got to KJ just fine. We had to run home really fast because I had forgotten her softball clothes even though I had set them out with all her mind just hasn't been right. We got to practice and I dropped her and left. The fundraiser she had done a few weeks back had come in so luckily her dad was able to get that for me. I ran to the fields to turn in the $$ and meet the mom that had the last of the $$ that she needed to turn into me. On the way there, she emailed me and said the dad was going to bring it to the park with the daughter at practice....the park I had JUST LEFT!!!! I was FURIOUS! I emailed her back and told her I had already left and was on my way to her. She had him bring the $$ to her but in return, the kid never went to practice....UGH PEOPLE!

So, I am there early and I turn in my $$ and guess what! There are NO Jerseys or spirit shirts. They are on their way so I wait. I get the pants, socks, and visors, but I waited for the rest. When they got there, the printing company had only gotten through #8 on each team.....FABULOUS! We have 10 girls....oh well, I took what they had and I will get the other 2 Sat morning before our games. It is only 2. I run back to practice and pass everything out. Done. Success. At the end of practice I found out that KJ got SMACKED by the ball on her wrist and there was still a HUGE red welp on her wrist. UGH! My poor baby. Plus she is not doing great at hitting so we are going to try and let her wear her glasses and see if that helps....if so, I am going to have to get her some she can wear on the field so she doesn't break her good ones.

I finally got home around 8. I walked the dog and needed to get out so I went for a run. It was so nice and peaceful. I had turned the air down before I left for my run and checked it when I got back and nothing. SO, I mark the inside temp with a pencil. I turned it up and then off and waited for the compressor to turn off. I turned it back on and then let it run for a bit....NOTHING! NOT COOLING. I turned it way up and opened the windows...luckily it is October and a little cooler than it would be if it was August...

Today has been and OK day so far. I am in a lot of pain again and noticing a little paralysis in my lip and eye, but not too bad. I am meeting my parents after work for dinner so that is good :) We have 2 games tomorrow so I hope my baby does good and the team wins!

I am feeling like I just want to crawl in bed and sleep all weekend. I am down and out. I dont' feel good and I don't have KJ and I don't get to see my handsome this weekend because I am not about to miss my baby's games!!! We can't meet in the middle because we are both broke so it will be a MONTH between seeing him...blech....good thing we talk daily :) I promised my friend I would go out with her tomorrow night....she wants to go see Extreme Midget Wrestling....I'm game if I feel better! Always an adventure with that girl!

Hope you all have a great weekend and I promise I will turn it around next week!!! No more wallowing for me! When my face feels better and the pain is gone I will try and smile again.... until then,I will try my best.


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