Monday, September 24, 2012

catch up on pics...

 photo dump from the last few order at all - like me :)

Kay, Andrea and me at Jason Cassidy 09/02
this guy was HILARIOUS! at Jason Cassidy 09/02

Kendall and her 4th grade buddy Kendall at CFA spirit night 09/11

my beautiful girl at the park 09/16
Hercules eating the bread we were trying to feed the ducks...09/16

me and my love 09/16

ladybug on ladybug - these things always land on me or her <3 09="09" td="td">

BAHHAHAHA - this is a peanut - I sent this pic to my BFF (who I call PNUT) 09/21

she is SO BIG!!! 09/17
MEOW! Her new kitty sweatshirt - it even has a tail on the booty 09/13

I should not be allowed to iron anymore - 09/06
I SO want one of these - 09/08

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