Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Sooo, I have been wanting a Jeep ummm since FOREVER! My ex didn't ever want me to have one so I didn't. Well, last week I got the Jeep bug. I checked randomly to see how much I owed on my Honda and then I googled the blue book value and it looked like I could have quite a bit of extra $$ after I paid it off to have for a down payment.

Soooo, I started looking or Jeeps online. I looked for certified pre-owned. I found a couple. I wanted a newish one with low miles. I looked and kept looking and then I found this......

She is a 2011 Jeep Wrangler. She has 17000 mile and I am absolutely head over heels in love. Her name is Daisy and I LOVE HER!!! Kendall was a bit upset to let go of Lucy (the 2007 Honda CRV), but once she rode in Daisy, she was SOLD! Now all I need is a soft top!!!


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  1. WooHoooo... I love it!! :) Congrats to you and bug on the new addition to the family. :)