Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekend Update :)

Well, this weekend was very different. It had highs and lows and some confusion.

Friday night I went to the bank to sign the papers and then took my parents and KJ with me to the dealership to sign their papers. On the way back we had IHOP and downloaded Honey Boo Boo ring tones. I had my mom and bug CRACKING up...I really can't stop watching that show!!! It is like this horrible crash that you just can't take your eyes off.

We went to bed decently early and got up Saturday morning to run some errands. We needed a few groceries, need a bday present for a party later in the day, and needed to go pay for softball registration. The first thing I needed to do though was run to Discount Tire to get them to air up the tires on the jeep. The night before the pressure light was on and I asked the dealership to air them up but service was closed....SO, that is where my 1st stop was.

Wellllll, we go outside, get in the jeep and what happens???? The back driver tire is FLAT!!! So, I had to call the ex to change it. I went to Discount and the fixed it and we were on our way (2 hours later). At this point, we had done none of our errands so I had to run quick to the store for a bday present, run home to change and head to the party. We leave the party and get in the jeep and.....YEP! FLAT TIRE!!! It was terrible! I was already just exhausted from the morning drama and it was raining on top of that. I called the ex...AGAIN..and he was on his way. In the meantime, the dad of the bday girl (who luckily I have known for almost 5 years) started the tire change. He was almost done with the ex arrived. I was an emotional WRECK at this point!! So, I head back to discount and I made the ex go with me because evidently they think I am a stupid girl. It was the same tire that had gone flat. They cut me in line and found some glass in the tire. He told me he would split the cost of a new tire since they had screwed me over earlier. Fine. Let's just GO!! I was there MAYBE 20 minutes...MAYBE. Finally I left and called my mommy. She invited us to dinner. I went home, took a shower and just relaxed for a bit with my girl. Dinner was good and we had a little celebration for Dad's bday! During dinner I got a text and it sent me into a whole other place...more about that later.

After dinner we went home and watched a movie and went to bed. Sunday we got up, ran to the store and then headed to my friend Kris' house for a pool party! It was a fun time!! Sunday night KJ went to sleep over at her dad's house and I went out with a few friends to see Jason Cassidy (who I love). It was a fun and interesting night! We had a blast. The music was great, the company was great and the people watching was AWESOME!

this guy was HILAROUS..we named him Woody

Jason Cassidy on DRUMS!!

Kay, Andrea, and me :)
Monday I got up, went and got my love and came home and relaxed for a bit. I had some Kohls' cash that needed to be spent so we went over there and then headed to mom's for a little labor day party. It was a good time and we even had HOME MADE ICE CREAM which we haven't had in YEARS! It was sooooo yummmyyyyy!!!!!! Girly went home at about 630 and momma went home to relax!!!

Sooooo, as for my text. It was from a person that I had not heard from in over 3 months. A person that I was finally letting go and moving on from. I was REALLY caught off guard since I never thought I would hear from this person again. It was a good text and there has been some good that had followed it so I think good things are happening :)

KJ is at her dad's this weekend and she has softball tryouts that I will not be attending so I don't get SUCKERED into anything lol...UH plays this weekend and I hope they can get a W since they got killed by Texas State last weekend. I have some plans that can not be revealed yet, but I hope they end up good!!!


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