Monday, September 24, 2012

EEKKSS!! It's been a while!

I just realized it has been 2 1/2 weeks since I have updated. A lot has gone on since then. Let me see if I can recap in an orderly fashion. Heck, who I am kidding, not a lot of what I do is orderly LOL.

The weekend after I last posted KJ had softball tryouts. I did not go because I did not want to get talked into coaching. I just want to be in the bleachers this year. I have never done that before and this is her 4th season. I am REALLY looking forward to it. I talked to her later and she said she did OK but the man who pitched to her threw way too high so she didn't hit anything. It was ok though because our friend Corrie was going to do his best to draft her anyway.

I got a text on Sunday from Kim (Corrie's wife) that he was able to get KJ and the twins who played on our first team. The assistant coach on our team was also on the Ladybugs. So, out of the 10 girls we have, 5 have been on a team together before. I love that. The girls are comfortable and I know a lot of parents. Kim asked me to be team mom and I agreed. The fall is less work for that job than the spring anyway so I was game. So, KJ is with Amira, Mia, Hailey and Bailey (and a few other girls) on the Heartbreakers. We are red (again lol) and got some SUPER cute socks with hearts on them! Can't wait until the season starts!

While she was off trying out, I went out of town to visit an old friend. This friend and I dated a while back for about 9 months and we broke up. I was heartbroken that we broke up, but what could I do?? You can't force someone to stay with you who doesn't want to. I was a mess for a good three months, but sometime in June I turned it around and really started feeling better. I was happy and out there and really moving on. I could look back on our relationship with happiness. I still missed him. We were good friends above anything else that we had and we had so much fun and laughed together (now you can see why I was confused about the break-up). Anyway, I had not talked to this person since the end of May and it was not a great conversation. I decided then and there that I was moving on, he was no longer interested, and I was probably never going to hear from him again. I was going to have to be OK with that. And lately I was. The funny thing is that the last few weeks I had been thinking about him with smiles. I thought this was good and I was moving on!

As you know, I got a jeep labor day weekend which I freaking LOVE!!! She (Daisy) is so awesome! Welllll...the morning after I got her, I got a facebook message from this person...I was shocked. I read it and smiled and went about my day. I planned on responding eventually, but I had no innate need to write back. I was pretty proud of myself. We had tons of stuff to do that day and I had 2 flat tires, it rained, and we met my parents for dinner. While at dinner I received a text. I checked it and it was from this person. I was REALLY in shock this time...I put the phone down and went about my dinner. A few minutes later I had to re-read it...Basically he said sorry for intruding into my life but he was apologizing for hurting me and the way he acted back when we broke up. It was a very nice message. I didn't respond for a few hours but I finally did and told him he wasn't intruding and I thanked him for his apology and let him know that I went through a really hard time. We texted back and forth and then we talked on the phone for a bit. It was nice to hear his voice. It was nice to catch up. I was not expecting anything from this conversation so it was easy.

When we had talked back in May he mentioned something about a FB post that he made and I told him that I had blocked him on FB because it was too hard to see his posts. Well he said this is why he texted me because he didn't know if I was going to get his message he had sent. To make a looonnnggggg story short, he told me he missed me and he was sorry and wanted to try again. So, we talked for a few days and I told him I think we needed to see each other to see if it something we wanted. I needed to talk to him in person. Whether we were going to try again or not, I needed closure. So, we decided to hang out.

We had a great weekend and laughed and acted silly and had fun and MAN, I missed him! I missed being his friend SO much! I think that was the hardest part of it all. I could talk to him about anything and vice versa. With being long distance, we had to have good communication and when that was cut off, I was lost. But, regardless of anything else, I have my friend back! And for that I am so thankful to God! I prayed for God to bring him back to me for a long time and I realized that was not the plan He had. I then prayed to be able to move on and be at peace and THAT He granted. And I was so thankful that I could move on, but there is that old saying.."If you love something set it free, if it comes back it's meant to be." Well, I did that. I set him free. I moved on and I was ok with the fact that is was not in God's plan for me. Then out of the blue, God brings him back to me. So, I am trusting in Him and headed down this path He has set out for me. I do it with caution because I admit, I am scared to get hurt again, but I really love hanging out with this man!

So, the next week KJ was sick and missed school on Friday. Her dad took her to the dr. and she had a nasty stomach virus! Thanks goodness that is all it was because my crazy @$$ was convinced it was appendicitis...We had a lazy weekend of recovery but managed to go to the park on Sunday and feed the ducks. She went back to her dad's last Monday and I had her Wednesday. She had a couple of softball practices and the girls are all doing well. She is sick again today and headed to the dr. It is fever and cough and ear ache today. The girl I work with has been out on vacation for 8 days so I could not stay home with her either day and I feel awful :( We have girl scouts tonight which she will have to miss. Hopefully she will feel better so she can go to school tomorrow and make her softball practice too.

Thursday I went to a HLSR committee meeting. I am officially on a committee. I have been wanting to do this for almost 20 years and the ex would not let me! I didn't have the contacts last year, but my friend's boyfriend hooked me up! I am STOKED! I am on Ticket Services, Grounds Team 1 (I think). I can't wait!!!!!

I saw my handsome again this weekend and we had a great time.

This week is all about KJ! We have a full calendar this week so she needs to get better! I have a few pics to post but I will do them separately since this post is so massive :)

Have a great week!


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