Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some silly pics from my weekend of Love

I am behind and out of order! I know this. I am embracing it :) The point is that it is here r for posterity's sake right HEE HEE...

OK, so a few weekends ago we got a dog. His name is Hercules. I posted about him. Here are some more funnies from that weekend :)

this is how my child fell asleep on Saturday night after a long day of fun!! We went to a park bday party and the pool. She claimed she was not tired but I looked back and a weirdo!

KJ's friend had a Tangled themed bday party at a park by our house. It was HOT, but the girls had so so much fun. My friend Lisa made these cute Pascal blowers. They also got to beat up a 52" Rapunzel pinata that would.not.bust. We found out later it had metal wire all around it. Nice...but this pic is cute!

 Friday night I had some Astros tickets so I took one of my besties (Liana) and another friend, Stacey. We went to BW3 first and had some wings and beer and then headed over to the park. I ran into my nephew there! I had not seen him in a while so I was so so excited!!!! Here are come pics from our outing!

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