Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy weekend

Wow, we had a BUSY BUSY weekend.

 Friday night we went to see Ice Age with my parents, but first we went to eat at Cracker Barrell (that is how I convince Paw Paw to go with us). At one point, I was basically all alone at the table because my dad was reading the paper and KJ and my mom were off in the country store and playing checkers...
Checkers with Granny

After dinner we headed to the theatre. It was a great movie, but I have to admit, it being the day after the Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting, I was a tad nervous. I kept checking the exit door. I doubt that it would happen in the theatre I was in, but who knows...I am sure the people in the theatre never thought it could happen to them...Anyway, here are some pics from the movies :)

movie snacks!
she loves icees
Saturday we had a big day ahead of us...first stop, the eye dr. I took  her when she was 5 but they said she was good and to come back when she was 7. Well, guess who needs glasses...She only needs them for school and television, but still, she is younger than I was when I got them. She is nearsighted in one eye so that is why she needs them. She picked out the ones that I loved the most. They are Juicy Coture and SO unbelievably cute on her stinking face...

they love each other!
my baby girl and her new glasses

After the eye dr. we headed down to Reliant Stadium for the Ringling Brothers Circus! We had front row tickets and were circus celebrities...It was amazing! We go to sit on the circus floor for part of the show and man, was that ring master HOT!!!!

in a performers ZEBRA coat...
she is obsessed with everything ZEBRA!
in her seat on the front row!
OMG! I am in love!

so cute! Momma wants an elephant

me and my buggy
in her clown wig

We went home for a bit then packed up and went to Granny and Paw Paw's to spend the night. Sunday morning we got up and had pancakes...KJ and Granny have a long standing tradition of bunny rabbit pancakes...mom has this cookie cutter thing that is shaped like a rabbit that she molds the pancake into...they have been doing this for as long as KJ has been old enough...It is their "thing". Then we got ready and headed to The Lion King at the Hobby Center. We had front row tickets for that too...you are not supposed to take pics in there, but I snuck a few...how could you not, it was awesome...

a view from my seat

super sneaky covert cast shot at the end of the show!

After the show we went to Benihana for dinner. Our waiter was SO weird!!!! He talked NON STOP and only said about 5 words...."hhelllooooo, heellloooo, i cook for you...girrll ok ok I cook for you..." It was hilarious and everyone at the table was DYING laughing...

After a great weekend of fun, we went back to mom's to get our stuff and Hercules and head home, but a tomboy isn't a tomboy without sitting in a dress playing with bugs...MAN I love this kid!!!!

SUCH a tomboy!

awesome stick bug we found!

This week KJ is at her dad's and I have a pretty boring week...I never like those HAHA...Going to hang out with the Jensen girls this weekend, for which I am excited!!!


CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!!!

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