Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday update!!

Happy Wednesday y'all!! I had a great week and weekend last week and so far this one is shaping up nicely as well. Not too much to report.

The knee is doing much better. I wrapped it for several days and rested and iced it. I finally was brave enough to work out on it last night. I was going to do spin class, but I was still afraid so I did cardio kickboxing instead. I LOVED IT. I looked hilarious doing it since it was my first time and I was trying to get down all the moves, but it was so fun and I can totally tell that it really gave me a great workout all over! I will def be doing it again!

KJ was sick since Friday. It was pretty sad. She was running fever on and off all weekend and even into yesterday. She came to work with me on Monday and went with her Dad yesterday. She had a dr.s appt. yesterday afternoon and he gave her a zpac and told us since her cough was so bad she could take adult cough medicine. He also said that her couch was not affecting her asthma yet. That was the best news. The cough may linger for a while so he said not to be alarmed.

Saturday night KJ wanted to spend the night at Granny's soooo bad. I let her go and I went to the Crosby rodeo. I went with a good friend who I had not seen in ages!  It was SO SO good to see her! We saw Stoney LaRue and had a BLAST!!

Earlier in the week (Thursday) I went to a vendor casino party. I won a kid size tent and two sleeping bags. I had a blast! A few of us went out after and I met a girl who is crazy silly like me! They had a huge horse in the bar and I was SO glad she wanted to get on it because I didn't want to do it alone LOL! I had on a dress and heels so please note my ladylike side saddle HAHA!!

Friday night I set up the tent in the living room and KJ and I "camped" out and watched Jack and Jill and We bought a Zoo. We made popcorn and snuggled! It was great!!!!

I have a BUSY weekend coming up with lots of friends and family! I can't wait! Happy Father's Day to all my daddy friends out there and especially to my wonderful and amazing daddy!!!!!!!!

:) My best days are ahead of me!

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