Monday, June 25, 2012


Well, we did end up getting a dog. BUT, we did not get either of the ones I posted. Sadly, they were both heartworm positive and I was NOT about to bring home a sick dog.

We met Ashley first because we saw on Fudge's papers on the wall that he had heartworms. When I aksed them about treatment, they said it could be anywhere from $235-$ NO! So, I asked if Ashley was because her paperwork was sketchy and they said she was not. We met her, KJ fell in love with her and when I came out to talk to them, the broke the news that there were two Ashley's and this one indeed have heartworms....GREAT. Talk about a devestated 7 year old. You could see the pain in her eyes. I told them no way and they then offered to split the cost of treatment with me...still I would have to pay $117 in addition to the $60 adoption fee. Not a chance, not for a sick dog. So, I finally got her to look around a little more and she saw Pop. He was a 2yo chihuahua, but he was not very cute and I was not thrilled to be meeting him.

We were in the meeting room for all of about a minute when I decided Pop was NOT for us. He was yappy and bouncy and a crack head. But, while we were waiting for Pop, we went to go look at what we were told was the puppy area. We went in and there were dogs in there ranging from 2 months to 5 years. They failed to mention it was puppies and SMALL dogs...we looked around and we saw this 1 1/2 year old boy who was so small and his name was Hercules. After we decided (quickly) that Pop was not a good match, we aksed to meet Hercules. She said OK and then proceeded to tell us that this was the last dog we could see because you are only allowed to meet 3 dogs a day?!?! WHAT?!?! More on that in a moment. ANYWAY, we met Hercules and instantly fell in love. He is cute and shy and tiny and the perfect lap dog! We confirmed he was NOT sick and he was ready to go home with us right then! YAY! We did all the paperwork and paid for him and we got him this col lime green collar and then took him next door to the clinic for his dewormer, heartworm preventative, and to get his shot records and rabies tags.

I knew right away that his name was perfect when through the window this itty bitty thing was growling at a German Shepherd! The whole clinic laughed at him. He has no idea he is FOUR POUNDS!! Yep, I weighed him!! LOVE!

So, here are some pics of my new son! I am head over heels in love with this baby!!!

He loves KJ so much. THey were snuggling on the couch together and she got up to go to the bathroom and he jumped down to go find her. She had to call him on the potty so he could find her. It was so precious! He is SO GOOF and very snuggly. He has slept a lot, but that may be because he probably didn't get a ton of sleep in the shelter. He has an appointment tonight at our vet for a free check up as a back up to the shelters.

NOW, on to my rant about seeing only 3 dogs a day. HOW FREAKING STUPID IS THAT?!?!? There are at LEAST 120 dogs there. How in the world do you know that the dog for you is going to be the right fit in three tries. In our case, we knew what we wanted when we got there, but can you imagine if on meeting #3 we still weren't sure and I would have had to tell a little girl that she couldn't take a dog home because we had used up al ourt meets. PLUS, with that many dogs there, I just don't see why you would put a max on meetings. Wouldn't you want people to find the right dog?? I had to drive clear across town to get there. If we didn't find a good match, I can't say that I would have been back the next day or even at all. So, that is just my 2 cents. Not like it matters, I just was really rubbed the wrong way with that "rule".

Another weekend update is to follow, I just wanted to introduce my boy to the world!!!

My best days are ahead of me :) Niki

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