Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun Times

I had a super fun weekend that culminated on an AWESOME Monday!!! My weekend was fun and my baby same home yesterday (more on that to come).

Friday was my friend Brittani's bday. We went to Big Texas to celebrate. Scooter Brown and Josh Ward were both playing. I was excited! I have seen Josh Ward before, but never the other. It was a blast. I danced and laughed and we celebrated my friend and I fell in love with a fiddle player. Not actual love, but he was so cute and we were definitely flirting with each other the whole night. I was right on the stage most of the night! BLAST! We had sooo much fun!!!
my fiddle player
Josh Ward

me :)
Scott Brown from Scooter Brown

Saturday I got up and ready and waited for Larissa to come over so we could head to the Woodlands for A Day in the Country. It was raining a little when we got on our way but cleared up by the time we got there! We had a blast. My FAVORITE was Chris Cagle!! We also got to see The Wade Bowen Band, Jana Kramer, Ronnie Dunn (WHO WE MET) and Dierks Bentley! It was a great day and I didn't even burn! We snagged some meet and greet passes and got to go meet Ronnie Dunn from Brooks & Dunn. We couldn't use our own cameras, so I am still waiting for them to be uploaded to the radio station's website!
Larissa and I in the beginning of the day - I was NOT this cute later LOL
some cute boy with cool hair we took a pic with

waiting to meet Ronnie Dunn

Sunday was Father's Day. I believe that I havseone of the best dads on the planet! He is an amazing man. He loves us all unconditionally and is a great husband and Grandpa. I am one blessed girl to have had this guy for a dad! Here we are on Sunday celebrating Father's day! We went to see The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and to eat at a hibachi restaurant called Osaka. Later I hung out with him for a bit and taught him to use his new Kindle touch that he got. AMAZING DAY!

The culmination of it all was yesterday. My baby girl got to come home for my week. I am always excited on my Monday's, but for some reason I missed her extra this week. She must have too because she RAN to me and jumped in my arms and hugged me so tight when I picked her up. We went to the grocery store and bought all kinds of yummy stuff and got The Smurfs on redbox. We snuggled and cuddled the whole night. It was an amazing evening. I love that little ladybug more than life itself!

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