Friday, May 11, 2012

a few fun pics

I got to go with my daddy to see Carol Burnett at the 1894 Grand in Galveston. It was awesome spending the day with him and to see carol Burnett! She is AMAZING!

 This pic just completely sums up my daughter. She is goofy and I love her. This was one day that I went to lunch with her and i told her i wanted to take her pic. This is what I got. And you know what, it is one of my FAVORITE pics!!!!

 Here is the one she actually posed for HAHA!! Love my baby angel!
Here is another example of her silliness. I mean who watches TV like this.....

LOTS of things have been going on, I have been CRAZY busy and have not written, I feel so ashamed for it. Expect about three more posts in the next few days to catch up then I will be back on my game!!

My best days are ahead of me!!!!!

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