Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 things to smile about in May

I totally stole this title from another blog, but I love the idea so here goes...(you have seen some of these and they are all out of order - but that's how I roll).

1. My beautiful ladybug turned SEVEN!!!!!!! I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday! I can' believe we are celebrating her 7th birthday.

2. We had the chance to go hang out with some of our BFF's at a picnic and music in the park. And we spent part of the next day with them too!! Love these girls!
Best friends at the picnic in the park!

At a Lowe's workshop!

3. May 10th was World Lupus Day - the color for Lupus awareness is purple. A lot of my friends wore purple that day to support me! 

4. Mother's day...I love being a mom and being a mom to this cutie patootie doesn't hurt. Friday we got to go to Muffins with Mom at daycare and Sunday we had dinner with most of our family.

my baby and I on mother's day!
my mothers day present!

5. Being an aunt. It is a great job! This boy has my heart and has since the day I laid eyes on him. He is my baby. His brothers and cousins are all awesome too, but I was finally old enough to be a real aunt to this one. He is graduating this year. That breaks my heart. He is sweet and funny and a smart aleck just like his Auntie Leah. Here is a pic of us at his grad party.

My handsome nephew and I at his graduation party!
I remember the day he was born too!

6. Earlier in the month theses girls (The Fast & Furious) played in the Houston Metro Recreational tournament and received the 1st place title!! The girls ROCK! I was a proud coach and a VERY proud Momma!!

7. The laughs that this girl creates. She is so funny and sweet and does the weirdest things. I mean who watches TV like this?? My weird child LOL.

8. So so proud of my number 1!!! Her team got 1st place in inter league play as well. Here we are with her 1st place trophy!!!

9. Ladybugs...they make me happy. I love them. I have called my daughter ladybug since she was in my belly. I have a tattoo of one and they seem to land on me all the time. Here is one that landed on me the day my girl and her team won the city championship. There was another one on me this past weekend. I don't feel lucky all the time so I guess these are my little reminders!

10. My oldest nephew. Curtis. Today is his birthday. He is 29 years old. We are only 7 years apart and honestly he is more like my baby brother than anything. Today 29 years ago I fell out of a tree house. It was a very interesting day. I don't remember much about that day except they snuck me in to see my sister and the whole tree house debacle. I don't have a picture of him handy, but here is a picture of me and his two boys. They are the cutest boys. I don't see them as much as I want to, but I love them so much! And boy do they love their Kendall. The redhead is Max and the blond is Declan. They are 5 and (almost) 3. Curtis is a great dad and a good husband. He has made so much of himself and is also a veteran. I am very proud to be his Aunt! He too is a smart aleck lime me.

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