Sunday, April 15, 2012

time flies when you are having fun!

Tuesday night we came home and did a lot of nothing. We had Subway for dinner and just relaxed. Kendall played with my Kindle fire. It is so funny when she plays it because I always make my favorite joke..Kendall and the Kindle....AHAHAHA - corny I know LOL! It wa a great relaxing evening.

Wednesday she was at her Dad's house so I got my nails done and relaxed and did some laundry since we had a game the next day. I have been feeling sick since LAST Thursday and Monday and Tuesday had NO voice. Wednesday it came back a little, but my throat started hurting tonight. It feels like I am swallowing shards of STINKS.. sucking on couch drops is the only think that helps...I have been living on these things....

Thursday was game day. Fast and Furious won again and KJ scored the winning run!!! The final score as 14-13. It was awesome! She is getting to be such an awesome player! Her whole team is great. They actually have been asked to represent the Humble Girls Softball League in two city-wide tournaments coming up. One at the end of April (but KJ can't play in that one because we will be at Kichapoo) and another one the first weekend in May. I am so proud of them! They are rocking the field. They have not lost a game yet!

Kendall took a pic of me because a good friend told me I didn't have enough pics of myself on FB. So I had her take one to post.. not too shabby if you ask me LOL.

Friday night we stayed in and ate pizza and watched a movie. We rented "Puss in Boots". It was HILARIOUS!!!!

Sat we got up and went to a bday party at Chuck E. Cheese at 930. We left early and headed down to UH to watch a double header for Cougar softball. It was girl scout day and they had a "clinic" for the girls before the game. I thought it was going to be a skills clinic. It was not. It was just a few people that spoke to the girls about how to get involved in the sports world. One was the director of marketing, one was a trainer for the softball team, one was a UH basketball player, and the last was the Assistant Athletic Director and the highest ranking woman in the UH sports program (that is the one that I thought was the coolest). She even played UH bball back in the day! It was cool. The Coogs won both games. The second game went into extra innings and ended with a Coog grand slam. After the game, KJ got to go onto the field and get the whole teams autographs. She was in heaven!!!!! I kinda loved it too! I love softball!!!
And of course, I always seem to get some kind of ridiculous sunburn! I put sunblock on, but it was windy, and well...I am white and it just happens. It is already gone today.

We came home and watched Harry Potter 8 and had McDonalds. It was such a great day and holy smokes........Harry Potter was so great. I need to re-read the books!!!!

Sunday morning we got up and lazed around and watched Barbie and a Mermaid Tale 2. Then we went to Disney on Ice. Here are a couple of before pics!
We got there a little late but not too much. We knew our friends were going and sure enough we ran into them walking in. YAY! Then they were not sitting too horribly far from us. We hooked up with them at the end to walk to our cars and the funny part was that she came from Pearland and we came from Atascocita and we literally parked 3 spaces from each other. It was great seeing our friends. We don't get too see them too much. Here are a few pics from the show.

Last night we got pizza again and we are watching "Annie". We had a full and amazing weekend!!! Love speinding time with my girl!

We have girl scouts and softball this week so we will be busy again!!!

My best days are ahead of me!!

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  1. OMG, I almost had the girls convinced to watch Annie, but instead we all CONKED OUT! LOL. Maybe tonight. :) It was GREAT seeing you - we need to do that MORE OFTEN!