Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kickapoo 2012

The last weekend of April KJ and I went to one of our favorite places! Kickapoo Kamp. It is a girl's summer camp in Kerrville, TX. A friend introduced us to it a few years ago. Every spring they have mother/daughter weekends to get the girls ready for the summer. This is our third year to go. The first year we went, we went on what they call "Kamp for Life". One of the original campers and friends of the owner died from ovarian cancer several years ago and every year they celebrate her life and the current owner (granddaughter of the original owner) donates all the proceeds from the weekend to M.D. Anderson. Since cancer is so close to me, I make sure we try and go that weekend every year.

It is Friday afternoon - through Sunday afternoon. I pick KJ up from school just before lunch, grab a small bite to eat and head out. The first year we went we rode with someone so we didn't get to do whatever we wanted and had a flat tire and got to camp late. The last 2 years we drove ourselves. We stop at Buccees (one of our most fav places lol) and then we stop at Dairy Queen in Kerrville before we head into camp.

Once at camp, we check in and head to our cabin. We were in OH GIRLS again this year and took the same bunk we had. We got all settled in and then played a bit and walked while we waited for other friends to arrive. There were 3 other groups in our cabin. Two moms with one daughter each and a mom with four girls who had brought her friend along. It was a great time. Kendall wasn't the youngest this year so that was a nice change.

Friday night we ate the traditional spaghetti dinner and played bingo. Our cabin didn't win but it sure was fun. Sat morning was our hike to the top of the camp mountain. It is a good hike and we got to ring the bell (that is placed at the top in honor of Linda K. Manning who had ovarian cancer). We all got to ring the bell and take some great pics. On the way down they have what is called the tubs. It is a little spring fed shallow section where you take you shoes off and walk int he ice cold water. We have never done it before so decided to go on ahead and do it. It was really cool. We went back and took a small rest and then got ready for swimming! We went swimming and played on the water weenie. That is KJ's fav part of camp. After water time we had another break and then went to crafts. Then it was dinner time and then time for mother/daughter relays. We only played in one race, the potato picker. Essentially you have to sit on a potato and pick it up with your legs and no hands and walk a few yards and drop it in a bucket. I am TERRIBLE at this race so my loving daughter decides to sign us up for it ever year HAHA.Sunday morning was archery, canoeing, shooting, and horseback riding. We didn't stay for lunch. She was ready to get back home.

We had an amazing time and I love that we share these weekends together. I will be so sad when she doesn't want to go anymore. Hopefully she will always want to. She did say she wants to go to camp next year for a week all alone...still having a hard time with that one! Below are a few pics from the weekend that I had on my phone!

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