Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Wow!!!!!! My kid is growing like a WEED!!!!

She was standing next to a friend at girl scouts last night and was about 3 inches taller than her. We have known this little girl since the girls were about 2 1/2 and they have consistently been about the same height their whole lives but I noticed last night how much taller KJ was than her. AND..KJ had on ballet flats and E had on thick soled Skecher tennis shoes.

I asked E's mom how tall she was and she said just about 49" without the thick shoes. That means my girl is over FIFTY INCHES TALL!!!!!! The person is not even 7 world!! WHY...give me my baby girl back!!!!

On another note, here are a few things that I am excited about coming up...

NEXT Sat we are going to a UH softball clinic and a double header to watch them play against East Carolina....it will be televised! I am SO excited!
NEXT Sunday we are going to Disney on Ice. I am a huge kid and I love them.
In 3 1/2 weeks we head to Kickapoo!!! LOVE THE PLACE and the people and we always have such a blast!
Mother's day is coming up and I am going to see my soul mate (by BFF since I was in 9th grade but we have been friends since I was in 5th) in JULY!!!!!!!! I haven't seen her in 6 years!!!

Anddd.......only 269 days until our DISNEY CRUISE!!!!!!

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