Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What a busy weekend! Thursday was KJ's spring party so we got up and made her look all beautiful for her party. Everyone LOVED her dress!!
Thursday night, Jason Cassidy (a Texas country singer) was playing at a bar close to the house. I wanted to go really bad but only one person I knew was going...it is a friend from when I was a kid that I hadn't seen in years but we are friends on FB and she was urging me to come and telling me how it would be cool. I was nervous. I am not big on doing that kind of thing...I need people I know...but, I got up and went and you know what, I met people and I had a BLAST!!!! It was so fun! I danced and danced and am so glad I went.
Friday I had to work, but they let us off early so I went and got my girl for a little bit while her dad was still at work and we went to the park and played and then went and had snow cones!!! YUMMMMYYYY!! I got banana/pink bubble gum and she got grape/blue raspberry. We had a nice afternoon together!
I was going to go hang out with another friend, but I ended up in bed at 815 and didn't get up until 10am on Saturday. I wasn't feeling too hot so I layed around a while. Then I got up and went to the store, got a few things for this week and got KJ some Easter junk since her dad was letting me have her for a few hours on Easter!!!
I got a call that my friends were going to a BBQ and then out dancing...if you know me, you know I can't pass up dancing....it is in my blood. So, I got up got ready and headed to Conroe - we went and hung out at a bar on the lake and then went dancing and I of course, danced and danced. It was a blast!
Sunday I got up, got ready and went to get my girly!!!! It was Easter and the bunny had been to our house!! She needed to come check out her goodies! We got home and she found all her eggs way too easy. We opened them all and checked out all her prizes and then just snuggled a bit. I finally took her back to her dad's and she BEGGED me to go to lunch with them...I did. It was different. But, it made her happy and that is all that matters.
She also got some tattoos in her basket and wanted me to put them on her. When I asked her where she wanted them, she immediately said her feet that way she could hide them if she needed to...I have corrupted my child...MUUAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAH
My sister was having a HUGE bbq later in the day. I got there about 3 and we had so much fun. I was so sad KJ couldn't go, but she was at her dad's. I ate and laughed and best of all, i got to hold my baby niece who I have not seen since she was born!!!!!!!! I got to feed her and burp her (and she spit up on me) and change her! And HOLY SMOKES I have baby fever haha!!!!!! I will just have to visit her more often to get over it! Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!
Last night we had another softball game and the Fast & Furious won again. The game was tied at 15-15 in the middle of the 4th inning and we were the home team so we had last at bat. As long as we got just one run, we would win... Julia got up to bat and she got on base. Then it was KJ's turn. She SMACKED the ball into center field and was on 3rd by the time the ball finally got back to the pitcher and then she missed it so she kept running and got another HOMERUN!! So, she knocked in the game winning run with a HOMERUN and the girls won 17-15. I don't like that score because technically we could have scored 3 more runs in that inning. That score looks like we barely squeezed out the win....but we won easily and the girl hit a HOMERUN!!!! I am so proud...can you tell ahhahhhaaaaa!!!

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