Wednesday, November 2, 2011



They won the game! They are the season and tournament champs!! It was a nail biter!!!!! We won 11-8. I was so proud of my baby and all the girls! They were all in the zone and played well. They got medals for 1st place! It was so cool. Tomorrow night is the team party and they will get their 1st place trophies then!

OK, now on to me...I went back to the rheumatologist today. He had the results of my blood work. The extra tests were inconclusive of lupus but the antibodies test was crazy high again so that is twice that it has been like that. That test coupled with all my clinical symptoms makes him feel like it is lupus. He never said it actually was, but he gave me a drug called Plaquenil which specifically states it is used to treat lupus and my friend's sister who HAS lupus takes the same drug. I go back in 3 months to see how it is working...sooo, I guess I have lupus???? I don't really know what to say I have. I mean he didn't really say but he is treating me for it. I don't know, I just hope I start feeling better. He said it takes 6 wks to get the drug completely in my system but I really hope it doesn't take that long for me to feel better. He also gave me a non steroid pain med for the joint we will see if that works...

My parents will be home in a week and half. I have heard from them a few times. They are done in Europe and will be in the Bahamas on 11/08 and not sure after that but will be back in Galveston on 11/11 and then home sweet home on 11/12. I can't wait to see them! Well them and their pics and my souvenirs LOL!!!

I am off on Friday and I am really looking forward to a day to do nothing. There is rumor that I am supposed to learn how to make chicken fried steak and then there is a bday party to go to Friday night, but it will just be a nice relaxing day!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

My best days are ahead of me!!!!!

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