Thursday, November 10, 2011

sick :(

Well, the rest of my week and weekend were pretty uneventful. I got to spend time with my sweetness. That made me happy :) He is really an amazing person. We get along so well and have so much fun together.

This week has gone by pretty quick aside from the fact that I feel AWFUL...I woke up Sunday morning with a very sore throat and tons of head congestion. By Tuesday it had moved into my chest...I have been sneezing and coughing and congested all week. I have no energy to get anything done.

Monday we had cheer and K and I went straight home, ate and went right to bed (after homework of course). Tuesday she wanted to stay late at daycare because they were doing a craft and I pick her up before craft time. So I ran a few errands and picked up her Thanksgiving shirt. We headed to Walmart for groceries, and came home ate, did homework and crashed. By yesterday morning I was kind of freaking house was a WRECK!!! I couldn't even think about it without stressing. Sooo, last night we ran to Kohl's (KJ needed jeans) and then came home and CLEANED! All the laundry got put away, all the toys got picked up. I got all the laundry done. The house was picked up! Almost I just need to clean it! I need to run the vacuum, clean the counters, dust, you know, the usual...guess I will get that done new week since we have Girl Scouts tomorrow and I have weekend plans!!!

Just some things to note...
*MEN!! Please wear UNDERSHIRTS! I don't want to see your nipples....
*Being sick SUCKS. Especially when it is a cold and you have to let it run its course.
*I am a flip flop junkie...I wear them in the winter...get over it people!!
*I like to iron.
*I love my sweet KJ's intelligence! She is SO unbelievably smart!!!
*Fake people annoy me.
*I need to run again.
*I am a SUCKER for my kid.
*I dislike fundraisers, but I participate in them because of how happy it makes KJ when she wins the prize she really really wants...
*I love my friends! I have some good ones and even though I rarely get to see them, I know they are always there for me!
*I stole a sweatshirt from R and he is just going to have to get over it (don't worry, he knows it is gone).
*Coke makes me happy.
*CHRISTMAS makes me happy. I am trying to have the best attitude I can this year about it...It is going to be HARD and weird and sad and I just have to make the best of it. I only get KJ from noon on Christmas day until 6 on the 26th...

My best days are ahead of me!!!


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