Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11/16 - Late....

Not much has been happening with us...Kendall went to her dad's over the weekend since he had been out of town for business. I spent some time with my favorite adult :) It was very lazy and low key and just what I needed.
Over the weekend Granny got home and I talked to her! They had a great time and my dad did so well on the trip. We were planning on seeing them tonight for dinner but it ends up that KJ's daycare has a Thanksgiving dinner for the families tonight. So instead, they came to cheer to see her. They came over early and gave some presents and then we went to cheer. I signed KJ up for a private lesson. Her coach thinks that with one she will master the cartwheel. I really hope so. She wants to do one SO bad!! After cheer they took me to dinner...YUMMMM Ginger Cafe!!!
Last night I layed around and watched tv and did absolutely nothing...I should have done laundry...or cleaned...or SOMETHING, but I am beat this week and I didn't have the energy...tonight I must do something after we get home from the feast...
Tomorrow is Timbers Thanksgiving lunch. She doesn't know I am coming!! I am excited! I love surprising her!!!! Tomorrow night is Girl Scouts...which reminds me that I need to go to the bank...and send an email...and ugh...I just want a NAP........
OK, KJ is at her dad's again this weekend. I am missing her...I have her next week for Thanksgiving so I am excited about that! We have 4 whole days together!!!
I think I might buy a new tree tonight and get it set up then we can decorate on Monday...YAY for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
I will try and post some Thanksgiving feast lunch/dinner pics tomorrow if I have time!
Have a great weekend people!!!
My best days are ahead of me!!!

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