Monday, September 5, 2011

My Daddy

Labor Day! What a great weekend. I was invited to go hang with some great friends (who some I have been friends with for almost 30 years). One of the girls has a family beach house and they had the use of this weekend. It was SO great. We went down on Saturday afternoon and came home late Sunday. It was so great to see all my old friends. These girls were my life for YEARS. I really lost contact with them over the years. The ex didn't really let me out much so we lost contact. We have all reconnected through facebook but have only seen each other once since then. I miss them all terribly. I loved watching our babies get to play together. I hope that we can continue to get closer again.

On another note, in two days my dad will be 80!! I can't believe it. It feels just like yesterday that we were celebrating his 70th bday. It was a great party. Tons of friends and family. I didn't have my ladybug yet so she missed it, but this year...there is another party. A SURPRISE PARTY!! I can't wait. I think he might have a tiny idea that we are planning something but I don't think he knows what. Mom told me today that she is expecting 70 people. Ummm, that is a LOT!!

Well, today Mom and I went shopping for some stuff to make memory cards for people to fill out. I am excited about that! We got a big frame mat to put a picture in for people to sign. We got some fact sheets made up about 1931. We also got some poster boards to make photo collages. We are also going to have tons of framed pics everywhere. I am SO excited. I can't wait!!!!

We have softball practice Tuesday and Thursday, Dad's actual birthday on Wednesday, Girl Scouts Thursday, dinner with the family on Friday and the party on Saturday! BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come on the party front!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the sun!

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