Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, time is flying! I get told all the time that I need to update more and I try. I have good intentions, but I am just so...busy.

So, here we go. Dad's party was spectacular!!!! He was completely surprised and a ton of family and great friends were there. I got to see my brother that lives in Montana and a few great family friends that I don't get to see that often but who I love dearly. Mom introduced everyone that was there after she went down the mile long list of kids, grandkids, and great grandkids...Somehow I got placed at the END of the list...I think she forgot me but I prefer to believe that she save the best 2 for last (Kendall was after me). I brought my friend that is a boy LOL - I KNOW I KNOW!!! That is some serious news right!!!!!!!!!! OK, so I have a very special boy in my life. He is amazing. He treats me like a princess. So, Kendall got to meet him and so did the family. They ALL loved him. He got along with everyone and he is just well....awesome. I am very blessed to have found him. But, all in all, the party was a HUGE success.

This week has been busy. Kendall had her first spelling test last week. DUH she got a 100. I am so proud of her. She never had any in Kindergarten but she rocked this one. I went over and over the words with her when she was with me. She said her and her dad did too. She also started her reading group this week. Kendall has been slow to develop her reading skills. She flew through the book. I was amazed. The last night she got another book and her dad said she did awesome with that one too. I had her read them both to me tonight and she read both books without hardly any stumbling on the words. I was so freaking proud of her. It is almost like the switch has been flipped on and she just decided to read. She has another spelling test tomorrow so I hope she does as well. I am pretty confident she will as long as she takes her time and listens.

We had a softball scrimmage tonight. Again, another switch has been flipped. She ROCKED that game tonight. She was aggressive on the field, she smacked the ball, and she ran her heart out. She even almost got an out on 1st from short if the first baseman would have been paying attention. She was SO proud. I think she has found her inner softball diva. I am so proud. I really don't love the coach. His dad helps and they won't take ANY direction. They have never coached girls before. Now on this team as parents, you have me, who has coached before and played for YEARS and you have a dad that coached last season and another dad that was his assistant. The head coach is teaching them to trow super weird, he told me I was wrong Tuesday at practice when I was getting MY OWN CHILD into her hitting stance. UMMMM hello, I kind of know what I am doing. I have done this a time or two and I really don't like being told I am wrong when I know I am not...ANYWAY...I am TRYING to not lose it. It is taking a lot, but I am trying....

The first game is Tuesday so I am pumped!! LETS GO PINK SOX!!!!!

Until tomorrow (HA - who am I kidding, I won't update tomorrow) I will try and aim for...Monday. But wait that is cheer and a carnival meeting and...ok well I will just see you when I see you...I am too busy.

Here comes the sun!!!!

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