Sunday, September 18, 2011


I had such an amazing weekend with my ladybug. As I sit here and listen to George Strait's newest album I reflect on my weekend.

Since the separation, they have become so special. I only get two a month so I try and make sure they are super fun and full of love. I want to make the most of every minute I have with my girl. That is the only regret I have...I don't get to see my baby every day. I miss her...a lot. I see her a lot even when it is not my days because of all the things she is involved int, but I don't get to tucker her in every night...and well, that stinks.

Friday night we went to Academy and got miss softball diva a new bat. They can't use t-ball bats anymore so we went and got a new one. She also needed new cleats. Well, after picking a bat, she was CONVINCED that if she got batting gloves (like a girl on her team) then she would def hit better. Hey, I am all for doing whatever works. If $10 batting gloves give her more confidence...then so be it. We ended up having to go over to Sports Authority (what used to be called Oshman's). for cleats. When we were on our way over I told her where we were going and used the old name. I corrected myself and she asked why I called it that. I told her that is what it used to be called...response "Oh, back in the 90's and stuff" I mean really girl, I know I am old, but there is no need to rub it in. After our shopping we were meeting Granny & Paw Paw for dinner but I had to swing by the house to help a friend with a computer problem. And yes, I SAVED THE DAY!!!!

Saturday we got up and headed to practice. I must say the batting gloves worked! She smacked it into left on the first pitch! That is momma's girl! I did have to get rowdy with the coach when he was trying to change her batting stance again. I know my kid, I know how she likes to hit, I coached her for Pete's sake...I know what works for her. Please don't try and teach her something completely new........ANYWAY, I tried not to be a b!%^$ but I had to be a little loud. Another dad (and former coach) had to as well. These guys just don't listen, especially to women.

We came home for a nap and a shower. Later we got up and headed to the mall. Lion King 3D OH YEA!!!!!!! It was amazing!!! I love the Lion King and to experience it in 3D with my baby was just pure awesomeness....We walked the mall after and I pretty much let her have the lead. She loved it.

OH, and it...RAINED!!!!!

Today we woke up late and got some donuts. We got ready, headed to the halloween store. She picked out her costume (a cheerless leader) and we walked around the store for a bit. I love that she is not afraid of anything. She was trying every button in the place. Some would startle her but the girl has NO FEAR. Again, just like her momma!!!! We went to the dollar store to get buckets for the dugout and then we grocery shopped. Then, we just had a nice relaxing evening. We read some and I had to call mom to see if she can come work with her some. I am qualified to teach the girl but MAN it is SO different with your own kid!! I know she knows the words and sounds and such, but she just guesses instead of actually reading it. So, I am calling in reinforcements so we don't fall behind.

It was an amazing weekend filled with Kendall getting to be in charge (which she loves) and lots and lots of snuggles. I sleep with her on the weekends and she loves that the most. She goes to her dad's tomorrow. I will actually see her every day but Friday and Sunday because of scouts and softball so it won't be horrible.

I got two new cd's tonight. One is the new George Strait "Here For A Good Time". I am 8 tracks in and I LOVE it. I mean really, he is my all time fav so there was no doubt that I would, but man, he is amazing. This one is kind of different. It is a little darker than normal. I like that. And man, I love me some George. I have this joke about dating men "within my window". I won't date anyone younger than me and I won't date anyone that is out of their 30's. Well, for George, I would def leave my window LOL.

I also got the Eli Young Band cd "Life At Best". I have not listened to it yet, but know a few of the songs. My fav is "Crazy Girl". It has SO much meaning in my life right now. I have this special man in my life and parts of the song say just the right words. I can't really explain it, but he knows and that is all that matters.

Well, another busy week ahead. Monday we have cheer and I have a carnival meeting, Tuesday is Kendall's first game, Wednesday is Granny tutoring, Thursday is girl scouts, Friday is nothing (what a miracle) and Sat is another game. BUSY GIRLS WE ARE!!!!

I will try and update Tuesday after the game with how my rockstar played!!


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