Friday, August 19, 2011


Well, we met Kendall's teacher tonight. Her name is Mrs. Pugh. I have heard nothing but FABULOUS things about her and two of my friend's kids actually had her! I loved her classroom. It was decorated so super cute! I loved it! I think it is going to be an AWESOME year! We have 5 other kids from her class last year and a few other friends we know. Bailey, Justin, Brandon, Jazlyn and Ashton are all in her class. I am happy about the first 4, but not happy about that last one. Also, we have Kasisdi who we know from soccer and softball and another girl she knows from a mutual friend.

Last year at the very end of the school year this little boy Ashton, who was WILD all year, choked Kendall. I was furious, but there was only 4 days left in the year so I didn't push it. BUT, now they are in the same class and that is causing me some serious stress. I caught the teacher alone for a minute and mentioned the issue. She said just to mention it on the teachers card and we should be fine. I was happy how awesome she was about it because I was realllyyy stressed.

Did I mention I freaking love this teacher already????

We went down and saw Mrs. McIntosh! Man I love her! I am going to miss her but I think we are going to have the 1st grade version of her!!!!! SO EXCITED.

This year's meet the teacher was such a different experience than last year. We only knew one or two other people in the school. Kendall and I met SO many people last year through all our activities. We knew so many people this year. It was really cool. I absolutely loved it. I have always wanted to be super involved mom and know people in the school. And now...I do!!!!

I also received a few great compliments on how thin I looked! SCORE! Also today, I went over to one of my old employers at lunch for deliver something and saw some old friends. I haven't seen a few in person since before KJ was born. One said I hadn't aged a bit! Man that felt GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I did feel very old when one of the girls that I used to work with since the late 90's and at that time had a daughter in junior high told me her daughter was 23!!! MAN that was rough!!!!!!!!!!

All in all I had a great day. I had an evil customer call me and try and ruin my day about 4:30 but I shook it off and got my baby and had a great time!!! We had an awesome time.

This weekend is going to be fun too! We are going to go practice softball in the morning since tryouts are next weekend. We have a birthday party at 3 and then we are going to go skating on Sunday with another great friend. After skating it is time to get ready for school on Monday morning!!!!

I can't wait! I love my life!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the sun!!!!

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