Saturday, April 2, 2011


WOW! Last night I had the scariest thing happen to me. Kendall had a game and it was kind of late so we decided to get dinner at Culvers. She had received a free kids meal from Culver's for A+ performance on her report card. I had put her off a few days but we finally decided to get it.

We went through the line and got our food. When we were in the exit, there was a man in front of me just sitting there. There was absolutely no traffic in either direction and he was not going. I honked. He still did not go. After about another 30 seconds and still no traffic, I honked again. I waited another few seconds and he still did not move. SO, I went around him. As soon as I did, he went also and pulled up next to me at the light. He was honking like crazy. I had Kendall with me and we just ignored him. The light changed to green and I went. I kind of sped up and he sped up and was coming almost into my lane. I slowed down, he slowed down. I could not get away from him and was starting to get nervous.

When I was almost to the turn off for my neighborhood, the car in front of me got over so they were in front of him and kind of next to me. He immediately got behind me. I turned into the neighborhood and so did he. I got to the first stop sign and stopped. He was REALLY close behind me and when I stopped he layed on his horn. He did not stop at the sign, he went straight through. This happened at the next two stop signs as well. At this point I was at a dead end and my street. I turned onto my street and he was still tailgating me.

I KNEW not to go home because I did NOT want him to know where we lived. so I passed my house and was driving through the neighborhood. At the next stop sign I stopped and this time he rear ended me. I was PISSED and REALLY SCARED at this point. I did what I have always done in an accident and I got our of my car. The guy went in reverse and was starting to drive off. I got in front of him to get him to stop and he gunned it. I jumped out of the way and he went around the corner.

At this point he got out of his car and started cursing at me and calling me names and asking me if I wanted to fight him. I called 911 immediately and was on the phone with him. He went back and got in his car and left. The dispatcher told me to stay where I was so I did, BUT a man that was visiting a person that lived close by saw the whole thing and got in his truck and followed him. A few minutes went by and the friend called the neighbor and said that he had stopped the guy and was with a cop and wanted me to come over there. The neighbor went with me and we went over where they were. We ended up down the street from our house. I got a hold of Chris finally and he came down. We were right in front of my friends house so I got Chris to take her inside so she did not have to deal with any more of what was going on. She was already pretty scared.

I told my side of the story and he told his (all 3 versions). They asked me if I wanted to press charges and I said yes. The officer told me that the highest thing he thought he could charge him with was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because he had tried to hit me with his car. The officer called his supervisor and then the D.A. and they accepted the charge. They arrested him and towed his car. I was told now that I just wait for someone to contact me for what to do next.

My car did not have any damage but people told me to get it checked out anyway. I will contact the insurance company Monday and go from there.

It was a very scary thing and I am still shaking here and there. My knees and my lower back hurt, but I think that is just normal wear and tear for my old age. I am just really worried that he will get my address. That is by far my biggest fear!!!

On a good note, my Ladybugs tied the first place team today!!!!!!!!!
So super proud of those girls!!!

Here comes the sun.

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