Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well the other day I was talking about how I was worried about losing people. Mainly my dad. I must have had a premonition. I did not lose my dad, but I lost someone who was like a second dad to me growing up.

I am the youngest of a mixed family of 6 kids. My dad has two step-children from his first marriage that he stayed very close to. Remember, my dad will be 80 this year so my oldest sister is 60. She has two daughters. One is 6 years older than me and the other is 8 months older. They are like my big sisters. I spent TONS and TONS of my childhood with them and my sister and her husband. They loved me and supported me and treated me just like one of their own in good AND bad! I was hugged and loved and fed and put in the corner.

My brother in law died yesterday. He went in for a back surgery on Friday morning. He came out OK and was doing well. He started having trouble at about 10pm and then at 6am they noticed that he might be having a heart attack. They transferred him to St. Lukes and on the way he had a massive heart attack Saturday morning. They took him in and put in stints. He wasn't producing any urine. They had also had to give him a blood thinner because of the attack. He started bleeding out and his blood pressures was WAY low. They put him on pressers - 4 of them - and his pressure still wasn't holding. He finally stabilized a little and they started pulling off fluid with dialysis. Every time they would do that his pressure would drop. It was just up and down all day Saturday and Sunday. Overnight to Monday his pressure was down to like 65/45. A few hours later they wanted to put him on life support and my sister was NOT going to let that happen. She decided to let him go and one of the greatest men I know left this world at 6:58am on Monday, April 11, 2011.

He was a good husband, a loving and supportive father, a great father-in-law, and a perfect grandpa. He was also a brother, a son, an uncle, a cousin, and brother-in-law. I can't say enough good things about him. I have SO many memories of him. He will be missed by SCORES of people. It is definitely going to leave a hole in my heart. I am a better person for knowing him and I know parts of him will live on in everyone he has ever come in contact with.

Please pray for my family in our time of need and sorrow.

Here comes the sun.

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  1. I'm so very very sorry for your loss Niki. And please remember that I'm just around the corner if you need ANYTHING at all.