Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just a Quick Update!!!

OK, so a prosecuter from Harris County called me yesterday morning and I had to explain all that happened to her. She asked me what I thought should happen to him and I told her he needs to be punished. I mean what if I was not as smart as I was and had gone home. Or what if I was a crazy person too and had a gun and shot him?? He needs to know that his actions were not acceptable.

She advised that the case was on the docket for that morning. He was still in custody and his bond was set at 30K. They told me I could call back that afternoon to check and see what happened.

I called back about 2:30 and they advised that the case had been reset for May 3rd. I am not sure why or what happens now, but at that time he was still in custody...since Friday night.

I called back this morning and he made bail last night at 7:45. Supposedly he is out on the condition that he has no contact with me and if he does, then I need to call 911 and he will be arrested again and his bail revoked. Now I am not one hundred percent sure that actually happened, but I will definitely be calling the police if I see him anywhere near me.

I got a letter in the mail from Victim's Services today and they gave me a person to contact in case I have any questions. I am going to call her tomorrow and see what happens now and why his case got rescheduled.

Just thought I would give you a heads up!!

Here comes the sun...

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  1. OH MY! This is horrible and I am so proud of you for not going home. Some people are just nuts. So glad you are both ok.