Thursday, January 28, 2010

YAY!! Girl time!!

Well, today is Thursday (my Friday this week) I leave out early tomorrow morning with some great friends and be back Sunday evening! Daddy and Kendall are going to have some bonding time and then Granny is picking her up on Saturday. She has some GREAT fun planned for them. They are going to the movies to see The Princess and the Frog, then going home to make smores (Kendall makes roasted marshmallows LOL) and then on Sunday they are making dog biscuits for Pretzel and Peanut. On Sunday night they are going to bring her back to us and meet for dinner at Ginger Cafe for my b-day (I know it is not until next week, but they will be out of town).

Kendall is going to get her eyes checked tonight! When she was at her 4yo well checkup the nurse mentioned that her vision was about 20/40 - well last week when I was at the eye dr. she told me that my right eye was 20/40 - i felt SOOO bad!!! How could I be such a bad mom and let her have blurry vision. SO, tonight we will see if she needs glasses.

That girl has been testing my patience this week with sleep. She will not go to bed. I try and lay her down and she will toss and turn for an hour - it is killing me!! Last night I was so tired after class I just wanted to relax and then Chris needed help on his homework and she would not lay down - it was exhausting. SO, tonight after the eye exam, I get to go home, eat dinner, do some homework, finish packing up and load my car so I am ready to go in the morning and fit some sleep in there somewhere! AHHH the joys of motherhood and being a wife. I told a girl in my class last night that I needed a maid, she said she needed a wife! I thought I was going to pee my pants!!!! So, this morning I told Chris that a wife is what I wanted for my b-day!!!

Clearly it can't happen, but we shall see - I would settle for a cookie cake and some books LOL!!

I have to go for now!!

Remember, Love is all you need!!!


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