Thursday, February 11, 2010


I saw a great giveaway on a friend of a friend's blog today! From what I can tell she is a reading junkie like me! If you are as in love with your husband as I am, then you will want to check this out!!

Go and check out her Blog...

More later on what is going on with the Buckalew's.

Love is all you need - Niki


  1. "Love is a many splendid thing, all you need is love!" (What movie is that from?) one of my fav's! Ha!

    Sarah is a great book junkie! I love all the books she recommends!

  2. aww, you girls are too sweet! seriously, i only started reading for fun in 2007. now it's something i can do just for me.

    glad you stopped by niki!

    this is a super book...and i have 2 more i'm reviewing for march ;)