Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Musings...

Well, first, if anyone that reads this voted for SMA on facebook, the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation won 6th place so THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Second, school is in full swing this week - the assignments are coming like crazy. Chris is definitely busier than me, but I try and help him out when I can :). He passed his math 4-8 contect exam so we were super excited!! His last obstacle is finishing this semester and graduating! Now we just need jobs to be all done and ready to go for the fall!!

Kendall starts Kindergaten on 08/23 and that is sooo scary! I am not ready for that by any means. I am ready to teach, but not ready for my girl to grow up. She is not supposed to be this big already!!

On another note, my friend Julie turned me on to a new blog and it is AWESOME!!!!!! It is called Tatertots & Jello. She has a gread giveaway this week and you should all check it out!!

Here is the link:

Well, I have a busy week and a scrapbook retreat this weekend so if I don't post again, have a great week and I will write next week (my b-day week) WAHOO!!!

<3 Niki

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