Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year in review - Picture edition! 2013

These are in NO ORDER! Read the captions for details LOL!
Our first day of school! 

2nd grade rewards ceremony - May

BFF's for YEARS! - August

First pic of NYE

top of the arch! - June

The Arch's shadow on the Mississippi - June

waiting on our cast! June.

another broken arm - June 

January - man this makes me feel amazing!

me and the bestie - May - Abug's graduation (20 years after momma's)

the bestie and I at her and R's 20yr reunion! - July

GS field trip to HMNS - November

camping food - October

This may be one of my fav pics of the year - camping - October

CASE!!!!!!! My boy Case Keenum is now playing as the starting QB for the Texans!

Our amazing removable and waterproof cast - June

They finally hung our sign!!! June

Their 1st cookie booth!!! February

Cousins! July

Dad, Ezra Charles and I - Dosie Doe - June

Christmas montage - December

MY DOOR!!!!! August

We parked next to Ezra!!! June

mom, sister and I - top of the arch - June

Granny's bday - July

KJ's new boots! February

old friends! R and P-Nut's 20 yr reunion - July

BFF's celebrating my bday! February

Momma's country girl! December

Happy Halloween!! October

Happy 10th bday J!! December

Daisy has on her soft top - April

my 4th of July meal

R and I - <3 july="" td="">

KENNY!!!!!! March

on her 1sr coaster - Kemah - June

kids! July

KJ 1st day of school!

Happy bday to my amazing girl! May 24, 2013

KJ and Buccee - they match - April

On our way to Elf - December

my beautiful girls! KJ and her cousin Evangeline - December

Kendall and the frog she likes in Rayne, LA - Happy Mother's Day 2013

KJ and I - Kenny Chesney - Rodeo 2013 - March

cutest reindeer EVER! December

Ten Man Jam - December

Happy Turkey Day - 2013

on our way to Kickapoo Kamp - April 2013

Probably my most fav place on earth! Top of the mountain at Kickapoo - April


Waco Zoo - July

Last day of school - June

YAHOO!!!! Last day! June

Liana and I <3 nye="" td="">

KJ and I - Granny's bday - July

Elf - December

LOVE - September

Aylin's bday - September

ZOO BOO!!! October

Ice cream after getting my baby back - I lost a weekend when I went to STL for my aunt's funeral - June

Mother's day - May

Arch / STL montage - June

Softball fun day - April

Shannon (my color guard big sis) and I at the reunion -- July

Our cast - NSMS talent show - October

Just the girls - NSMS talent show - October

NYE cake pops!!! 

Meredith, Liana and I - NYE 
Pink Out Day - October

Jack Bibby - Rattlesnake Roundup - February

My love and I - reunion - July

Girl scouts at the Ronald McDonald House tour - November

Happy Anniversary - Lake Belton - June

Happy bday R - Love you! March

CAMPING! October


Lake Belton - June

:) Reunion - July

Happy Thanksgiving - November

SANTA! December

Schlitterbahn - August

softball tryouts - February

4th of July sparklers!

George Strait - St. Patty's Day - March

Ten Man Jam - December

Thanksgiving Feast at PFE - November

SANTA CAME! December

The tree is up! November

Turkeys - I received 5 or 6 of these - these are from my students telling me how much they like my class and how I have made a difference in their life - November

My Valentine - February 
West, Tx - June

Wicked - Jayme, KJ and I - July

5th annual zoo boo - Alexa, KJ, Kayli and Daniel - OCtober


  1. we had such a great 2013, and we deserved it!!!!!! Wishing you MUCH love and peace and happiness in 2014. I hope ALL your dreams come true. Love you!

    1. I love you too BFF!!! I hope to see you more with all that is on the horizon!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Love the year of photos! Easy way to make one of those hard back photo album thingies! :-)