Friday, January 3, 2014

I am a BEAST!

So I decided to clean this wreck of a house the last few days I am off. I have thrown away tons of trash and gotten rid of toys. Every room has been purged. I couldn't take it anymore. Kendall helped SO much today. She came home from her dad's yesterday and we went to the movies to see Frozen with Granny and PawPaw so I didn't do anything yesterday after about 5.This morning we slept in and she got up and worked and helped and I was so proud! We rearranged and trashed and gave stuff away.

I was SO proud. She gave away THREE bags of stuffed animals. We took them to Humble PD and they would only take one bag because of storage space. The lady told me that the fire department would probably take them. We drove down the street and they took the remaining two bags. She did not want to part with those babies, but she knew she was donating them to help other children that really needed them. It was tough!

Tonight we cleaned and cleaned and organized some more. I am almost done!!!! We also took a little time to play some of KJ's new games!!

I want to finish tomorrow morning. We are supposed to go to eat and see Zoo Lights with mom, dad, Curtis, Kristin and the kids tomorrow evening and I want to spend Sunday just snuggling. I have to go back to work on Monday and KJ starts school on Tuesday. She also goes back to her dad's on Monday. I want a day to just love on my ladybug!

Follow Your Arrow!!!!

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