Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a year!!! If I thought life was busy during the first few months of 2013, let me tell you, the last 6 months were OUT.OF.CONTROL!!!!

Nothing much happened in January. I was just working and Kendall was in scouts. It was pretty laid back.

In February I celebrated another birthday...37 UGH! We also celebrated Valentine's day and Kendall had her first COOKIE BOOTH! She had been waiting years for this!!! R and I also took J to the Rattlesnake Round up. It was......interesting!

March started with softball and rodeo! Kendall saw Kenny Chesney and we were going to see George Strait, but she was sooo sick that we went home and missed it. She ended up having strep.

April had softball fun day and Kickapoo. Kayli was supposed to go but she got sick this time and they couldn't go. We still had fun on our 4th year and got to meet my newest niece on the way home!

May! May was AMAZING!!! In the beginning of May we took a road trip to Louisiana to see my Goddaughter graduate from high school! I got to see my bff and her family. Man I love them!!! It was 20 years after P-Nut graduated so it was pretty surreal. We also celebrated Mother's Day and KJ's birthday! It was such a great month! I also decided that I was going to go back to school to get my master's degree this month. I loved May!! I got accepted into UT Tyler to get my M.Ed. in reading and become a reading instructional specialist.

June was mine and R's 2nd anniversary of being together. We went to a restaurant that we went to on the first weekend we were together. It was awesome. Then it happened....KJ broke her arm. Yes, AGAIN! I couldn't believe it. It was the last week of school and she fell from the monkey bars. I couldn't believe it. Luckily this time she got a removable water proof cast! She still got to swim and let the arm breathe. My aunt passed away this month. This was sad, but mom, dad, M and L and I all went to STL together to the funeral. All 5 of us don't get together that much because L lives out of state. We went to the arch and hung out and despite the sadness, we really had fun! Dad and I went to see Ezra Charles and had front row seats and R's mom retired and we had her retirement party in Kemah. KJ rode her 1st roller coaster and it was a disaster. It kicked my butt and she is now deathly afraid of them. R and I also went to West, TX for the 1st time since the explosion. It was unreal. That is the only word for it. I also started back to school and got one class out of the way and got my first A in grad school.

July brought class number 2 and another A. We also went to Waco and the zoo and had a blast. We celebrated Granny's bday and also celebrated R's 20 year HS reunion! I can't tell you the tons of fun we had. We saw some awesome friends and it was just so fun. P-Nut and JWC were there and it was just amazing!

August. August...all I can say about August is HOLY MOLY!!!! I started 2 more classes towards my masters degree, we had a couple of calves, and school started. School started not only for Kendall, but for ME TOO!!!! I got a teaching job! Yep, that's right! I FINALLY GOT A TEACHING JOB! I have been working on this for sooo long. It honestly fell right into my lap. Literally. A friend that I worked with who also is trying to be a teacher asked me if I would be interested in an interview in Spring in early August. UMM YEAH!! So I went online and updated my online app for them. While I was doing that, I also updated my Humble profile and applied for several jobs. I never heard anything from Spring, but I got a call from Humble on 8/12 asking if I would be interested in an interview. YES I WOULD! Well, I went on Tuesday 8/13 for the interview. It went well but it was only part time. So, even if it was offered to me, I couldn't take it. I was so sad because how on earth can I turn down my first teaching offer?!!?!? That evening I went to a GS leader meeting and I talked to my friend that is a teacher and told her about it. She told me her school had an opening for a reading teacher and I needed to go up there and apply. She texted her principal and he told me to come up to the school the next morning. I went to the school and met with the principal. He said he wanted to offer me the job, but he had offered it to another person but they weren't certified 4-8. He told me to stay the day and he would let me know. We went on a bus ride tour of the area, went bowling, had lunch, and came back to do intros. At the end of the day, I walked up to him and asked him what he wanted me to do. I think he forgot about me for a while. He told me to go to his office and he would be right there. I waited and he came in and told me he would love to hire me but he hadn't heard from the other girl and couldn't go back on his word and was sure he could give me the job, but...well I had about 4 missed calls from the principal from the school I interviewed at the day before by this time. I told him about them and he told me to tell them no. I laughed and told him I couldn't tell them no until he told me yes. He got up and left the room and came back and told me the job was mine. I was in TOTAL SHOCK! I couldn't believe it! I was going to be a teacher! I FLIPPED!! Well quietly for a bit until I got out of there lol!!! The next day I had to be at a new teacher meeting for the district! I quit Aries and was a teacher!

September paled in comparison to August HAHA! Not much happened. A few bday parties and Paw Paw's bday.

October was fun. R and I went camping and it was cold and wet and we are old and we need an air mattress but it was SO fun!! We went on our annual Zoo Boo trip with Kayli and Alexa, Kendall celebrated Pink Out day at school and we had open house. We went to a girl scout field trip to a vets office, the Kids Playce fall festival, and celebrated Halloween. It rained and rained and rained that day. It dried up in the afternoon. We went to Atascocita High School for a little trunk or treat then we went trick or treating. Kendall was a tuxedo cat and was SO cute!!!

November was Veterans Day. Paw Paw came to PFE and went to her celebration. The girl scouts went to the Ronald McDonald House and turned in all the coke tabs they had been saving for months. It was a very interesting field trip. It was surreal. I wanted to hug every single person in the building. I could tell it effected the girls too. After that we went to the museum and got a butterfly class and got to go see the butterfly exhibit. Evidently they liked me lol. Two landed on me and no one else. We spent Thanksgiving in Crawford. We were there for the week and it was a pretty rough week. We lost R's grandpa out of nowhere. They took him to the ER on Wednesday and we lost him Thursday morning (Thanksgiving day). It was so sad. He was an amazing man and helped raise R. He was a great role model and I know R is devastated. It was just so out of nowhere. Thanksgiving went on but it was so sad. The visitation was Sunday and the funeral was Monday.

December. The last year of the month. I couldn't believe we were in the last month that fast!!! The year FLEW!! I finished my 2 classes and got 2 more A's! I am still rocking the 4.0. I have 4 classes down and 6 to go! I will finish in December of 2014. Both R and I will finish school by this time next year! I can't WAIT! We went to see Elf with Granny and Max! Kendall got to meet the two main actors. Some idiot hit my driver side mirror and cracked it and broke it and was a total jerk. He refused to give me his info and left. KJ and I went to 10 man jam and got to see Sheryl Crow, PArmalee, Justin Moore, and Kacey Musgraves. It was SO fun! We left halfway through because KJ wasn't feeling too well. Christmas was rough this year. KJ was at her dad's until noon on the 25th. He wouldn't let her come over for Christmas Eve to get ready for Santa, but we did it the day before. I went to my oldest sister's house and spent time with them. It was a great time. Finally she came home and we had a BLAST! She got her Santa presents and her stocking and Granny and Paw Paw were here. She was so excited! Later we went to Curtis' and Kristin's house and we had a great time. I got to keep her until 6 the next day and we went to see "Saving Mr. Banks". I got her back Monday morning and we have played and snuggled and loved and laughed. We spent NYE at our friend's house (Meredith and Brian) and it was SO fun. We hadn't seen them in a while so it was great. My BFF Liana was there too and I missed that girl!

I can't believe another year is behind us. I am about to be another year closer to 40! My baby is going to be 9 and finish 3rd grade. Time is flying. I just look at my ladybug and can't believe how grown she is looking. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady!!! I have a couple things that I hope to accomplish in 2014 aside from R and I graduating. I can't reveal all my secrets right now but they will reveal themselves in time. If all my ducks get in their respective row, 2014 is going to ROCK!

I heard a new song in 2013 called "Follow Your Arrow". It is an amazing song! I will post the lyrics soon. My new closing is Follow Your Arrow!!!

Happy New Year friends!

Follow your arrow!

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  1. August still gets me all teary eyed!!!!! I love it so much! And so proud of you!