Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First day back!

Well, today was the first day back with the kids! I think it went well. I got loads of hugs and everyone had so much to share. Sounds like most of my kids had a great break! I had 2 kids check out today. They are evidently moving. I was bummed. They were two great kids! I will miss them. I only saw half my kids today and I will see the rest tomorrow (thank you block scheduling). I am excited to see them. I love my job so much. It is stressful but so amazing! I am making this year my calm and up to date 2014. I was behind and overwhelmed a lot this fall semester but I am vowing to stay on top of it all this year!!!

School starts for me again Monday. One class is posted but I haven't seen the syllabus and the other one isn't posted yet. I have 6 more to go so I am ready to get started! I really love school. Maaayyybbeeee one day I will go for the PhD. Mayyybbeeee.

I get to see my super amazing ladybug tomorrow! It is also my niece's bday. She is going to be 18!! I can't believe it! It doesn't seem possible. She is the cutest thing in the world. She reminds me so much of me. She is strong, intelligent, independent and so smart! I am so proud of her and I love spending time with her. She is about to graduate and go to college and I just can't believe it. I know I said that but she is not supposed to be this grown! We are going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate her big day! Can't wait to see her!

This year I am in an HLSR committee again. Last year I joined one and then changed and then never worked because it was just screwy, but I badged so I got to go to the shows. This year I am on a new committee, Carnival Ticket Sales. I get to sell the discount ticket packs. A good friend from high school hooked me up and got me on the committee and his team. This is a GREAT team! Everyone is SO nice and helpful. The best part of this committee is that it is done by cook off and I don't have to work at all during Rodeo and get to see any show I want! YAHOO!!!

This weekend I get to see my honey. I miss him. We got to see each other a lot more in November and December because of the holidays and J's bday. I haven't been away from him too much lately. It has been 2 weeks and I am missing him! I need a hug :) We don't have any plans except for a basketball game for J. Other than that, we get to be lazy since school doesn't start yet!

Having a great 2014 so far.

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  1. Ohhhh you just might as well go for the gold and get your PhD!

    And woohoo for no working at HLSR!!!