Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sooo, I move into my apartment next Tuesday. I have started packing. Man does THAT suck. I am going to try and finish most of the major packing this saturday and of course start moving Tuesday and then move a little each day. My goal is to be DONE by Saturday the 18th.

It is a tiny but stressful, but you know what, I am HAPPY. I have not been this happy in YEARSSSSS. I am not stressed, I am not angry, I am not yelling at anyone. It is PEACEFUL. I am a pretty peaceful person (being an Aquarius and all), but there were several years that I did not find myself at peace. I am once again peaceful.

Kendall is doing well, she is getting excited about the move. We went and found our actual apartment the other day and she got super happy. I am ready! I wish I could move THIS weekend, but I can't afford it...It is an extra thirty something bucks a day.

I had dinner with some great friends last week and it was AWESOME. They are really good friends and I just don't see them enough. I had dinner with Liana last night and MAN, am I going to miss that girl. AND, tomorrow night I am supposed to have dinner with some other ladies. Friday night is a birthday dinner for my bestest cousin in the world and Saturday...more packing. BLECH!!! But Sat night some friends invited me out. Not sure if I will go, but who knows. Sunday we see "Rock of Ages" and then I get my baby girl back. I will prob be loading my car that night and getting prepared for Tuesday!!!!!!!

REMEMBER...HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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